November 5, 2016


Hi, I’m Amanda.  amanda medrow myers

You might know me as @amandamedrowmyers or @cranecreekphotography.

In January of 2016, I started my first 365 Project.

I ambitiously thought I’d post all the pictures to my blog, Facebook and Instagram.  But I found that Instagram was by far the most fun place to post and I also met other momtogs like me who were doing 365’s or just documenting their children growing up.

I quickly realized there were these things called Hubs that featured pictures.  I started tagging hubs on my posts.  Then, I realized that a lot of these hubs announced special themes along with hashtags.  I haphazardly attempted to keep up with the themes, usually by just screenshotting the post when I happened to see it in my feed.  I had no system to organize them.

I started getting my pictures featured on these hubs and usually my follower count would increase as a result.  I also enjoyed scrolling through the Hub feeds because I’d find new talented and inspiring photographers to follow.

In April 2016, I set up a system to organize the themes and hashtags.  I had it down pretty good by about May when I had a thought – “If I have this problem, I bet all my insta-friends struggle with this too!” And the idea for HubHack was born.

In August 2016, I gathered up a small group of instagrammers that I love and trust and started a beta-test group.  I got great feedback and continued to improve the system.  I was supposed to launch Labor Day weekend.  That didn’t happen.  The technology of running an online business was overwhelming to me.  And to be honest, the fear of failing miserably, having y’all laugh at this silly idea, and potentially being ridiculed straight off of my favorite social platform scared me to death.

And I’m still scared.  But here we go….

It’s November 2016.  I’m going to do a quiet pre-release to a limited number of members.  Why limited?  Because I realize that my site needs a lot of improvement – this was the best I could do on my own.  I’ve hired an AMAZING web designer (holla if you need one!) and she’s gonna give me a pretty overhaul as soon as I raise enough cash to pay her for it.  I’m also scared (remember?) and if my website breaks and none of the links work and this thing is an utter mess, then I only humiliate myself in front of a limited number of people!

So, that’s it.  I give you the hub themes and hashtags every day.  Along with some other fun perks.  (Check out my Learn More and Signup pages to see everything.)

I’d love your feedback – what can I do to make this better?  Any features you’d like to see?  Let me know, or DM me on IG.

Aside from that – I’m a mom of three in suburban Atlanta.  Married to a good man and we have fun serving our church and community.  I have a photography business on the side, too.  I really, really love photography.  It lights me up like nothing else.  I’m sure you can relate, right?

Thanks so much for stopping by.  If you decide to sign up, I want you to know that I take this super seriously. I want to provide a ton of value for your membership and I want you to have a great experience.  Please always feel free to contact me with any questions and feedback.

~Amanda 😘