The Magic of Light Workshop with Summer Murdock

Like many of you, I’ve taken nearly every workshop and breakout under the sun!  While the vast majority are really good, there are definitely only a few that I’d include in my MUST TAKE top 1% of all photography education I’ve done. One of those is The Magic of Light workshop with Summer Murdock through[…]

Weddings, Proposals, Couples Hashtags for Instagram

Below a list that I have verified.  The way I came up with this, in case you’d like to try your hand at creating a list from scratch, is I did the following: Typed in keywords into the Instagram search field and narrowed by “People.”  I don’t care to search via hashtags, but I’d rather[…]

Shadowbanned Hub? Here’s some ideas…

So, I’m in a group DM of other hubs and a few have expressed concern that their hub is shadowbanned and not growing.  Here are some of my thoughts on this and some tips to help you expand your reach while your hashtags don’t work. First, you should know that the term “shadowbanned” I believe, for[…]

How to Create a Photo from a Video in Lightroom & a Tour of my Lr gallery using the Olympus TG4 Underwater Camera

I’ve had so much fun with this little underwater point & shoot camera this summer.  You can see my full review and tips for using it here: Olympus TG4 Underwater Camera Review. In that article, I mentioned a great little trick for getting the perfect shot, without ever having to worry about when to press[…]

The Olympus TG4 Underwater Camera – A Momtog’s Review

Thanks for stopping by!  In this article, I’m going to tell you a little about my experience using the Olympus TG4, a “tough” camera that takes fantastic underwater shots and is easy enough to use, you can hand it off to a 5 year old.  (That puts it at the top of my list for[…]

April Blog Circle Roundup

Welcome to the April Blog Circle Round-up! I create a roundup post so that you can catch a little glimpse into each blog post from our participating photographers and jump into the circle wherever you like. What’s a blog circle?  Well, when you select a post to click over to, that blog post will also[…]

13 Best Practices for New Instagram Hubs

I had a question come in that I’ve gotten before, but wanted to really think on it and prepare a more thorough answer than I usually do via DM. I’m starting a new hub?  Now what? Specifically, my friend is looking for do’s and don’t’s so here they are!  If you have any ideas, from[…]

SEO for Photography Websites | A video tutorial

Hey ladies!

I had a great conversation with some of you about how I do my blog circle round-up posts.  So, I decided to screen record exactly what I do to help you guys, and these are tricks that YOU can (and should) use in your own posts to increase traffic to your website, and ultimately get more inquiries and more paying clients.

The video is just over an hour long (yikes!) There is a lot of my commentary (sorry) but I think it’ll help get you thinking about what your clients experience when they go to your website.  I’ll show you how to SEO up your images, use anchor text, how to use titles and permalinks…  I also will show you the top ranked site for certain keywords and we’ll pick apart what she’s doing to rank #1 in Google – these are things you CAN do!  SEO isn’t hard – it isn’t time-consuming.  It’s about knowing what Google wants and getting into the habit of doing THAT.