Hashtag Audit – @DivyaWolf

I admit it…I have a strange obsession with hashtags. So much so that when I scroll through my grams, leisurely so, I’ll pause for a moment to take in someone’s hashtags.  Usually, something will catch my eye and interest me – a new hub? A theme tag I’ve not seen before? For the non-HubHackers, I[…]

Weddings, Proposals, Couples Hashtags for Instagram

Below a list that I have verified.  The way I came up with this, in case you’d like to try your hand at creating a list from scratch, is I did the following: Typed in keywords into the Instagram search field and narrowed by “People.”  I don’t care to search via hashtags, but I’d rather[…]

13 Best Practices for New Instagram Hubs

I had a question come in that I’ve gotten before, but wanted to really think on it and prepare a more thorough answer than I usually do via DM. I’m starting a new hub?  Now what? Specifically, my friend is looking for do’s and don’t’s so here they are!  If you have any ideas, from[…]

The Great Instagram Shadow Ban Conspiracy Theory

Do I believe that “shadow bans” exist on Instagram?  Insofar as I believe that certain accounts’ hashtags are not “working,” yes.  Do I believe that Instagram has an algorithmic trigger or that some nerdy admin is manually blocking hashtags used by certain accounts? No.  I think this whole thing is one big glitch. UPDATE APRIL[…]

Follow/Unfollow is totally awesome and you should do it!

I’ve talked several times on Instagram live streams about a method of growing your audience called Follow/Unfollow or the F/UF Method. It’s widely encouraged and taught by the Insta-gurus and you can even pay for apps to hack into Instagram’s API (application programming interface.  I googled it.)  With these apps, you’ll usually pay a monthly[…]