Hashtag Audit – @DivyaWolf

I admit it…I have a strange obsession with hashtags. So much so that when I scroll through my grams, leisurely so, I’ll pause for a moment to take in someone’s hashtags.  Usually, something will catch my eye and interest me – a new hub? A theme tag I’ve not seen before? For the non-HubHackers, I[…]

Weddings, Proposals, Couples Hashtags for Instagram

Below a list that I have verified.  The way I came up with this, in case you’d like to try your hand at creating a list from scratch, is I did the following: Typed in keywords into the Instagram search field and narrowed by “People.”  I don’t care to search via hashtags, but I’d rather[…]

Shadowbanned Hub? Here’s some ideas…

So, I’m in a group DM of other hubs and a few have expressed concern that their hub is shadowbanned and not growing.  Here are some of my thoughts on this and some tips to help you expand your reach while your hashtags don’t work. First, you should know that the term “shadowbanned” I believe, for[…]

13 Best Practices for New Instagram Hubs

I had a question come in that I’ve gotten before, but wanted to really think on it and prepare a more thorough answer than I usually do via DM. I’m starting a new hub?  Now what? Specifically, my friend is looking for do’s and don’t’s so here they are!  If you have any ideas, from[…]

Low Engagement, Shadow Bans and what I did to fix it | Tessie Wallace

Hello ladies, I’m always so appreciative of all the information you share with me, especially recently in the wake of the shadow ban controversy that swept Instagram.  Based on your feedback, I wrote The Great Shadow Ban Conspiracy where I laid out my theory that the shadow ban was most likely a dramatic interpretation of a[…]