Black Friday Deals & Steals for Photographers 2018

My best Black Friday Deals for Photographers! Jessica Drossin!!! Jessica always BRINGS IT for Black Friday and this year is no exception! 50% OFF EVERYTHING PLUS A FREE GIFT WITH EVERY PURCHASE! CODE: SAVEBIG2018 Jessica is known for her amazing photoshop actions, textures and overlays. If you’ve ever looked at a rad photo and wondered,[…]

The Magic of Light Workshop with Summer Murdock

Like many of you, I’ve taken nearly every workshop and breakout under the sun!  While the vast majority are really good, there are definitely only a few that I’d include in my MUST TAKE top 1% of all photography education I’ve done. One of those is The Magic of Light workshop with Summer Murdock through[…]

Live with Natalie G on the Insta-Inspire Retreat

If you missed last week’s Instagram Live Stream Takeover by Natalie Greenroyd of @Natalie_G_photography, well…you’re in luck!  I was able to record it. Now, a disclaimer: I started recording as I pulled out of my driveway to go pick up my daughter from school.  I didn’t realize that my keyboard was up over most of[…]