How to Create a Photo from a Video in Lightroom & a Tour of my Lr gallery using the Olympus TG4 Underwater Camera

I’ve had so much fun with this little underwater point & shoot camera this summer.  You can see my full review and tips for using it here: Olympus TG4 Underwater Camera Review. In that article, I mentioned a great little trick for getting the perfect shot, without ever having to worry about when to press[…]

Engagement Group Survey Results, Commentary & Going Forward

Hello Ladies! Thank you to everyone who participated.  If you haven’t had a chance to answer the survey questions, but want to discuss anything or let me know any feedback you have, please email or DM me.  After I post these results, I don’t plan to return to the survey again, except to pull out[…]

Low Engagement, Shadow Bans and what I did to fix it | Tessie Wallace

Hello ladies, I’m always so appreciative of all the information you share with me, especially recently in the wake of the shadow ban controversy that swept Instagram.  Based on your feedback, I wrote The Great Shadow Ban Conspiracy where I laid out my theory that the shadow ban was most likely a dramatic interpretation of a[…]