May 25, 2017

ATL ClickinWalk Blog Circle Sign-Up Form

Hey ATL Ladies!

Ok, so here’s how this is gonna work.  The deadline to submit photos for the contest is May 31st.  I want you to have as much time as you need to work on those photos and submit them.

Let’s do the deadline to sign up here on this form Monday, June 5th. 

You will need to have an already published blog post to put your blog post URL in the sign-up form.  Why already published?  Cuz preview post links won’t work after you publish the post and are notorious for causing issues in blog circles.

After the sign-up deadline on the 5th, I’ll check the submissions and send out an email to you with your circle info.  You’ll receive that email sometime the week of the 5th.  

The email will contain who you link to and with what anchor text.  After you receive the email, go into your blog post editor and add the anchor text and link.  Once everyone has had a chance to do that, I’ll check the circle (to be sure all the anchor text is correct and that the links are working) and I’ll let you know that you can promote that circle in your typical social media channels if you wish.

By signing up below, you agree to update your post with the anchor text and link that I send out AND you agree to keep the text and link active on your blog (do not delete it after a week!)  Your linking to another local photographer DOES NOT HURT YOU.  It helps you.  Links are signals to Google, telling Google what your site is all about.  If your site’s main keywords are “Atlanta Family Photographer” and you link to another site, whose main keywords are “Atlanta Family Photographer” – guess what?  Google gives you both more credibility because it assumes that you really are about “Atlanta Family Photographer.”  Why would a tax accountant link to a photographer?  Why would a site about plumbing link to a photographer?   Usually they wouldn’t.  But similar sites that link to each other tell Google that they are credible websites and this will increase their ranking in search.

If I’m searching for a local photographer on Google, I’m probably not gonna go much farther than page one.  Your goal is page one.  Blog Circles are a powerful way to help you accomplish this.

How do I add anchor text and the link?  (I’ve been trying to record a tutorial, but the kids keep screaming in the background!  I’ll have one ready to link to in the email I sent you!)

Anchor Text:  Anchor Text is the Text that IS the hyperlink that you click on.  <- <-  Using keywords that describe your site within anchor text on other related sites is a BIG signal to Google – it tells Google what your site is about.

Let me know if you have any questions at all, you can email me or text me at 404-838-8997.

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