Weddings, Proposals, Couples Hashtags for Instagram

Below a list that I have verified.  The way I came up with this, in case you’d like to try your hand at creating a list from scratch, is I did the following:

  1. Typed in keywords into the Instagram search field and narrowed by “People.”  I don’t care to search via hashtags, but I’d rather find hubs that feature work, so I’m looking for “people” or hubs/accounts.  I searched a ton of things: couples, weddings, bride, elopement, proposal, etc.
  2. I found wedding photographers that were getting featured on those big hubs, like @TheKnot and I screenshot their hashtags.  Now – some big wedding hubs require you to email or go through their website to submit a wedding/session.  But others, you can use a hashtag.  That was what I was looking for.  I spot checked all the hashtags that the big photographers were using to see if they corresponded to a hub.
  3. I checked out “related tags” in hashtag search for verified hashtags.  Most of these tend to be generic.
  4. I google searched “wedding photography hashtags instagram” and read through many articles.  Most of these were pretty generic, honestly.

One of the most important thing you can do as a wedding photographer is to not only use hub specific tags – that’s great for gaining exposure – but I would use location and venue specific hashtags.

If I were to plan a wedding, let’s say in Charleston, SC – here’s what I would type in the search field:

charlestonwedding, southcarolinawedding, charlestonphotographers, southcarolinaweddingphotographers….

Then, I would search the venue.  Why?  Because more than likely, the FIRST thing a bride will decide is WHERE to have her wedding.  Then, she’ll book the venue, and she’ll be browsing pictures of the venue on Instagram.

Then, I’ll search:

#lowndesgroveplantation #lowndesgroveplantationweddings

Don’t get too crazy here.  Probably just need the main name of the venue unless they do a lot of other types of events.  I’m probably only going to scroll through the tag with the most hits.

(Sneaky tip!  Let’s say you’ve never shot a wedding at Lowndes Grove but you’re DYING to!!!  I might tag some of your best shots to that tag, in the hopes that you’ll catch the eye of a bride looking to get married there…)

Now, you could use hub specific tags initially and then delete them after a week or so.  Why?  No one will see them – they’ll be too far down in hashtag search.  Ain’t nobody gonna scroll forever.  So – let’s say you put in your first comment 30 hashtags that might land you a feature.  Cool.  After a week, delete that comment and add a comment with location and venue specific tags.

I apologize that the list isn’t categorized a bit better, I had to do this quickly.  I will tell you – go through your current list (if you have one) and make sure that the tags you use actually mean something.  Even big wedding photographers use hashtags that sound good, but I could not find any hub they corresponded to, at all.  And again, I omited tags that were for wedding magazines that require you to submit your pictures online.  I think those definitely have merit and you should do that, but for my purposes, these are just to get featured on a hub.



#bridesrings #theknotrings

#theknotfashion #WDOfficial


#theknotrealweddings #lookslikefilmweddings

#bridesproposals #howheasked #she_saidyes





#couplegoals #muchlove_ig #momentsovermountains #radlovestories #radstorytellers #anotherwildstory










#junebugweddings #photobugcommunity










#heyheyhellomay (AUS & NZ)



#wildelopements #shootandshare