November 14, 2018

HubHack Pro for Click Pros

Welcome, Click Pros!

I’m so thrilled to have you visit!

A little history of HubHack…

You can totally skip this part, ha!  I don’t blame you!

I started my first 365 Project in January of 2016.  I hadn’t been very serious about using Instagram before then, but found that it was the easiest place for me to post my daily images.  I noticed people were using hashtags like #childhoodunplugged and #candidchildhood and #cameramama but I didn’t know why, or what would happen if I used those tags too.  I just assumed people used those hashtags for pictures of their kids.

One day, I got featured on a hub!  A light bulb switched on – “oh, THAT’S what hashtags are for!”  It sounds silly to say that now, but I still hear that from new Instagrammers all the time.

I noticed that I got a nice pop of new followers, which felt kinda cool.  I realized that when I used the hashtags that were announced by hubs, for them to feature, I got featured more often and gained new followers.  I started seeing that many of these hubs had weekly themes and corresponding hashtags.  These got far fewer posts tagged to them, and I found it much easier to get featured when using those theme hashtags.  I didn’t really have a system to organize them – I would haphazardly screenshot a theme announcement here and there, but then forget about it.  I’d use a theme tag from 3 weeks ago and not realize that it was long expired.  (Sound familiar?)

I looked online – I searched google and the ClickinMoms forums but found nothing – not a single resource that even mentioned theme hashtags.  So I had to figure it out for myself.  I devised a system and added new hubs as I saw them. I started figuring out theme announcement schedules and would check those hubs on particular days.

During this time, I was getting featured quite a bit, even though, in looking back, my pictures weren’t all that awesome!  But I had figured out how to play the game, and it worked in my favor.  In May of 2016, Follow Fridays started to become all the rage.  In a particularly fun FF DM thread I was in, I mentioned to the other ladies that I noticed that they weren’t using theme hashtags.  They said that they just didn’t have time to figure it all out.

I asked, “What if I figured it out, and shared it with them?”  And those ladies became my beta-testers – the very first HubHack Members.  We started testing in August 2016.  I drug my feet out of fear of launching and getting laughed off of Instagram.  Would the hubs be mad?  Would people think it’s a stupid idea?  My beta testers assured me that it wasn’t.

I launched publicly on November 14th, 2016, scared to death, y’all. I kept waiting for the criticism.  But it never came.  Instead…people signed up.  They loved it.  They told their friends. It was totally crazy!

Over the last two years, HubHack still has many of the core features but has evolved a lot as well.  This is mostly due to the amazing feedback and suggestions from my members.  I had always intended to raise the monthly cost, but also felt a lot of fear around that too.  But this past summer, I decided that I had finally tested this idea, it was popular, and it was time to set the pricing closer to the value, without being unaffordable.

I would estimate that over half of my current members, of which there are nearly 400, are Click Pros.  I have always sought to promote the work of other photographers and celebrate their successes with them.  I could not be more thrilled to officially partner with Click Pro and serve this community in a greater way.

HubHack Core Features

Ok, let’s get to the meat and potatoes!  Or the kale and carrots, for my vegan friends…

HubHack members are a part of a private Instagram account where I will post theme hashtags to use every single day.  (On weekends and holidays too, I’ve never missed a day.)

My members peruse the hashtags to see either 1. What hashtags fit a picture they’re planning to post, or 2. What themes will inspire their shooting today.

Because there’s a lot of overlap in themes, I group them by category and also post a copy/pasteable list on my website.  My goal is to make it as quick and easy as possible to edit your hashtag list based on the subject matter of your image.  

I personally use a custom list for every single picture.  No two hashtag lists are the same (unless the image is exactly the same, but even then, there are so many hashtags to choose from and we are limited to only 30.)  It takes me 3-5 minutes to create my custom list.  I realize I have some practice, but as you get the hang of it, I don’t believe it should take you a long time to create a list for your post.

I also have copy/paste hashtags lists for all hub main hashtags too.  If your picture only pertains to a handful of theme tags (or none, that’s ok!) then you’ll have all the main hashtags ready to go.

I have a list of defunct hubs and hashtags too – you must remove these from your lists. I’m still seeing people using hashtags for hubs that haven’t featured since 2016!

Posting a macro shot?  A landscape?  A street photo? It doesn’t matter what genre you’re shooting, I have a hashtag list for you!  These are niche-specific hashtags and you’ll find them in the member’s area.  Just copy/paste & post.

Give your engagement a little boost!

One thing that has become a popular staple around our private account is a little thing called an Engagement Post.  Back in the day, I ran 14 engagement groups or pods.  After the Great Shadowban, there were whispers that engagement groups were being targeted by Instagram.  That theory turned out false, but it sure did cause some drama.  I immediately told my pods to stop posting and sending posts to their DM threads until it all got sorted out.  In the meantime, I took a page outta Facebook and created Engagement Posts.

These are 100% optional – you do not need to participate and I’d say about half of my members use them.  But they can be a little fun…

Here’s how they work:  I post all the Engagement Posts for the day in the morning.  Each has a specific 2-hour time frame listed.  If you make a post, jump over to the private account, find the current open post (based on the time) and comment on that post.  Then, you’ll engage with everyone else on that post.  I try to keep it fun and ask you questions.  Today’s question: What song from your teen years do you still know the lyrics to?  Other questions might be: What is your favorite lens?  What has been the most game-changing photography class you’ve ever taken?  Sometimes, I’ll just ask you for an emoji of the weather where you are.

After the Great Shadowban’s dust had settled, my members overwhelming told me that they were done with pods and wanted the posts to stay.  There’s no ongoing commitment- only participate when you want to, when you also are posting.  It’s a mix of different people on every post.

Why participate?  We know that the Instagram algorithm uses the engagement (likes, comments, shares, and saves) on a post within the first hour to determine if a post is valuable.  If it IS deemed valuable, it will get pushed into more follower feeds. It could hit Top Posts for its hashtags and even the Explore page.  Because hashtag search defaults now to Top Posts (you need to tap over to see Recent Posts) mods will see Top Posts first when they’re searching their hashtag for a good picture to feature.  The Explore page shows your image to accounts that don’t follow you – they’d probably not see your post otherwise.

(I am currently testing an engagement post where saves and shares are a part of the equation…)

Those are the core elements of HubHack.  This is a membership service of $9 per month.


I’ve recently introduced HubHack Pro, that includes benefits for members that have their own businesses and websites.

I’m currently working with other Click Pros to develop a promotional calendar and a process for helping you promote your breakouts and workshops, along with any other photography products you offer.  

I have been doing this for a long time, but it’s usually last minute and kinda thrown-together. I’ll run some giveaways, ads and do a few posts, but I want to serve you the best I can.

I know it feels really weird to promote yourself.  I can shamelessly promote you!  It’s what I do best. 

I spend my own money for giveaways and ads, and I will collaborate with you on HubHack memberships and other giveaways.

You are welcome to guest mod on @photographerhack and do a live interview about your class.  I will also promote your products to my email list.

(I am currently working on an ebook with you in mind – How to Promote Your Photography Class.  I also am releasing a course called The Mod School which details everything you need to know about starting a hub and training your mods. This course is complementary to my Click Pros but will be a paid course to everyone else.)

SEO Boosters

Social media is important, but I still believe the best way to reach your target prospective client is through search rankings on Google.  The best way to show up on page 1 is through “citations” which are also called backlinks.  

By posting on the Click Pro Daily Project and guest blogging, you’re creating valuable backlinks to your site from a related, reputable website.

The Click Brand websites use keywords like as photographer and photography in every single piece of content!  If they link to your website, where you claim to be a photographer, Google will see this and say, “Oh, this must be a website about a photographer.”  The more reputable photography websites that link to your site, the more credible your site becomes in the eyeballs of Google bots.

I have a friend who’s told me that she never blogs or does much SEO on her site, but shows up on Page 1 because of her posts and content from ClickinMoms.  I’m not at all surprised!

With this in mind, I created ways for you to get more citations/backlinks to your website.  

These include:

Blog Circles twice a month (click here to read more about how these work.)

Guest Blogging Opportunities on and promoted on @photographerhack and to my email list

Member Spotlights on the Blog and promoted on @photographerhack and to my email list

A HubHack Pro directory linking back to your website and to your social accounts

Individualized coaching

As HubHack has grown, I’m no longer able to spend as much time with each member as I’d like.  But for Click Pro members, I will provide the following services: Hashtag Audits, How Would You Hashtag Me? (where you send me a picture, and I’ll send you the list I would use (this has been super successful in the past!)), engagement analysis (you can see an example here) and profile optimization.  I can also help you find local hashtags to reach your ideal clients.

Discounts and Beta-Test Opportunities

As I release new products and courses, you’ll be the first to know and will receive a discount from public prices.  I have a particular interest in Instagram marketing, Facebook ads, Pinterest optimization, tech hacks and SEO.

The Click Pro Advisory Board

I just put out a call for Click Pros to give me feedback and ideas for how I can serve you best.  Know that I am committed to improving and partnering with you to help you be as successful as possible.  I had a huge response from current HubHack members willing to give me guidance on what you need and how I can help you.

Click Pro Only Engagement Posts

I have created an account for Click Pros only.  Currently, there are about 80 followers, however, most people still prefer to use the regular EP’s as there’s a much bigger pool. Should I have enough Click Pros wanting Pro-only posts, I will certainly make them available.  This was created to ensure that you’re engaging with fellow Click Pros, instead of the entire pool of HubHackers, which includes photographers who are early on in their journey.

HubHack Pro pricing is $12 per month.  Click Pros will receive HubHack Pro benefits at only $7 a month.  That’s a 40% discount.

Remember, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

Want to see more?  Tap over to @photographerhack and click the IGTV Story Highlight (the circular icon that says IGTV on my profile page on the left side) to see a tour of the private account and members area.

Ask me any and all questions!  Email me at or DM me @photographerhack.  And ask your friends.  Chances are really good that you know a lot of current HubHack members already.

To sign up for only $7 a month at the HubHack Pro level, follow the steps below.

Can’t wait to see you in the private account!  Please remember that I’m committed to giving you an excellent experience and my ears are wide open to your feedback.

Step 1:

Agree to the Terms & Conditions by checking the box and providing your e-signature.

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Step 2:

Type in your preferred Insta-username and click Subscribe below.  (Your username is necessary for admission into the private Instagram account for members only.)

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After you sign-up and request to follow, please allow 24 hours to be admitted to the private Instagram account.  You’ll also receive a confirmation page that will get you started with your password to our protected content, including the Hashtag List.

By completing your registration, you are agreeing to HubHack’s Terms & Conditions.


After completing this, you should be routed back to register in the members’ area with your own unique username and password.  Should you have any trouble at all, don’t hesitate to email me, DM me or text me 404-838-8997.  I take tech support issues very seriously, and I will work promptly to ensure that you are able to access content right away.  ~ Amanda