Hello Ladies!

Thank you to everyone who participated.  If you haven’t had a chance to answer the survey questions, but want to discuss anything or let me know any feedback you have, please email or DM me.  After I post these results, I don’t plan to return to the survey again, except to pull out particular questions or comments that I want to flesh out more thoroughly.

(I did this on the HubHack_Members account last week, where I answered a question that came up a few times in the survey.)

I will say this – I’m a people-pleaser.  But I know that I cannot please everyone.  I’m going to take the results of this survey and use them to create new policies going forward.  I am nervous about this because I know I will implement some rules that you may disagree with.  Well…here’s a cool thing – it’s possible that I could group you up with others that feel the same way, if I hear from you.

The survey was anonymous, so I have no idea who had what opinion.  But if there’s a group of you that feel strongly one way, please let me know and I’ll try to group you together.  My goal is not to be a dictator, but a facilitator for an engagement group that makes you happy.

I may make these results public at some point, in a different post, but this post is just for us.  You’ll need to be logged in to see it.

Ok, let’s dive in!

I’ve noticed that most groups have continued posting, some have gone silent, and others are just more quiet.  I think that comes out in these results.  You certainly CAN start posting again.  I was just very nervous at the outset of the shadow ban drama, to have anyone continue.  I would feel awful if I provided a service that lead to someone’s account getting shut down.

This question has come up a lot and has been on my mind for awhile.  I am really struggling with it!  I don’t want to break up a good thing and we have a few groups that are really tight.

I am trying to come up with the best plan forward….  Ok, here’s a logistical thing:  Even though I create the group DM’s, I cannot remove anyone from one and I cannot delete it.  I can only delete myself from it.  So, even if I asked you to move groups, you could stay in if you choose.

So, here’s what I think would be best:  I will keep the group DM’s as they are.   I will edit the Engagement Group Sign-up form (I know it’d be easiest for you to DM me, but I get SO many DM’s that it’s hard to keep up with.  This way, all the submissions are in one single place, so once a week, I can go to one page and do all the reassignments at one time.  Doing them piecemeal one at a time doesn’t make sense.) The form will be for both first-time groupers AND for reassignment requests.  

You can only be in two HubHack groups at a time.  Even if you want to get reassigned every few months, you’ll need to remove yourself from a previous group before joining the new one.  But – this way, if you find a tribe that you LOVE and want to continue with, you may.

Remember, the ongoing engagement posts on the members-only account are a great way to mix it up too.

How does that sound?  You can stay if you want, you can switch if you want.  Switching is nothing personal against your fellow group members – not at all!  Heck, 60% of you want to switch up!  But I don’t feel good about forcing it and creating unhappy customers either.

Most of you like both, and would like to do both (even those of you in a group that has gone quiet.)  I would ask that IF you decide to join a group, that you make it a priority to post and engage with the group 3-4 times a week.  Otherwise, just do the daily posts.  The groups are meant to foster more interaction and relationships, and really should be your first place to post.  If you post twice in one day, post first to your engagement group, and your second post can go to the HubHack daily engagement posts.  Sound good?

Ok, so this one really surprised me!  I truly felt like I was eavesdropping or a weird stalker and I didn’t want y’all to get annoyed if I popped in every once and awhile.  I want to play an admin role and not a creepy stalker role.  But y’all said it.  I’ll try to pop in more.  I actually have wanted to, especially when I see that there’s something going on (I see a little preview – an abbreviated part of the most recent message.  When I see, “I’ll be praying for you…” or “I’m so sorry to hear that” or even “Oh wow, that’s wonderful!” I am curious and want to be involved, but felt it would look nosey.  So, I would specifically not click on the thread, because then it would say, “seen by HubHack_Members” or whatever and y’all would know I was spying on you!  Ha!  I also would love to get involved when questions come up that I might be able to help with – whether Instagram questions or photography, or whatever!

So – with that said, this week I’ll pop in more often.  Definitely not with any intention to stalk but to be as helpful as I can.

Ok, this is one that I think might be controversial.  There was a lot of talk around the shadow ban and Instagram picking up on posts sent to group DMs.  Again, there’s just no evidence of that AND engagement groups are not against the Terms or Community Guidelines.  They are so popular and widespread (and no secret to anyone who works at Instagram, I promise you!) that IF Instagram didn’t want that activity, they’d put out a release and update their terms or guidelines.  There’s no incentive for banning people for activity they’ve never said is not appropriate.  Makes no sense.

Now, in most groups, the discussion went like this: “Hey guys, do you all mind if we send emojis instead of sending the post?” And a few people were like, ok, no problem….not wanting to be confrontational.  But in the survey results and in the comments I received, it’s very clear that sending posts directly is the clear winner.

So – going forward, I will ask that you send the posts.  You might think that everyone in your group agrees with emojis, but the statistical likelihood is that they don’t.

This is good info!  And I think it goes for the groups as well as the posts too.

Again, more informational here.

I also asked a lot of open-ended questions.  One thing that came up about 4-5 times was regarding the weekend closing and weekend optional engagement.  As a result of those comments, I’m going to ask that the groups do close on the weekends for posting.  Even though it’s optional, people feel compelled to engage, even if just to be nice.  So, please don’t send posts to a group on the weekend.  However, I will continue the posts on Saturdays and Sundays, so feel free to use those instead.

There were many more helpful bits of feedback that I’m going to use and will help me going forward.  Many of you mentioned more shooting and photography tips.  I get that, and sometimes we have fun with the posts (or inside of the groups) with those conversations.  What I would say is that HubHack is probably not the best venue for that.  I love doing editing videos for y’all and sharing photography stuff too, but I’d recommend looking at ClickinMoms for a much better way to learn techniques.  HubHack really isn’t designed for that, and honestly, I don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  CM does such an awesome job, I’d rather leave that to them.  I’m a proud CM’er and invite you to join us!

Ok – here’s a summary of the new “rules” and guidelines as a result of the survey.  I’ll also repost these in the groups.

I’ve created a post with ALL of the rules – old and updated!  This is everything in one place!

  1.  If your group has ceased posting, you may definitely restart.  If your group is still quiet, please resubmit the form to be added to a new group.
  2. You may only be a part of 2 groups at one time.  Even if you want to switch around, you’ll have to leave at least one group.  You can also choose to stay in a group that you’ve really bonded with.  To switch it up at ANY time and for any reason, just submit the form.
  3. You should focus your engagement on your group.  If you post once a day, send that post to the group.  If you post twice a day, then you can comment on an engagement post for the second one.  You should commit to posting to your engagement groups 3-4 times a week.  If you’ll be less often than that, you shouldn’t be in a group and just stick with the posts.  (If you’re on vacation, sick or have a spell when you are quiet at times, that is OK!  I’m talking about what your normal routine and plan is.  I do not expect you to post all the time, all the time!  Heck, I haven’t posted to my account in a week!)
  4. I’ll be popping in more – not to be creepy!  I promise!
  5. You must send the actual post to the group, not just indicate that you’ve posted with emojis.  (If there’s a group of you that are adamant that you only want emojis, let me know, and I’ll group you together.)
  6. Weekends – Saturday and Sundays are OFF for groups.  If you post on Saturday or Sunday, please use the posts in the HubHack_Members account.

To review my older article, with the original rules and best practices, click here.

If you’d like to discuss any of this with me, please let me know!  I truly want this to be a good experience for everyone, and sometimes that means going with the majority.  But if I can come up with a way to make you happy, I will certainly try to do that.

Thank you so much!  I hope this was helpful!