Free Bokeh Overlays + Photoshop Tutorial

free bokeh overlays for photoshop

UPDATE DECEMBER 6th, 2017:  This is all from 2016!  I hope to update it, but the information is still relevant 🙂

UPDATE DECEMBER 22nd:  The Collection now contains nearly 80 bokeh and ring of fire overlays for you to use!  It’s a dropbox link, so it will automatically update when more are added.

Hey hey!  Multiple exposure is the rage these days with all the beautiful Christmas lights.  In fact, I swear the first one I saw this season was posted by our own Courtney Bowles of @courtneyathome.  (You can see her Member Spotlight and how she shot and edited her now-infamous double exposure here.)

One of our fave hubs, @camera_mama‘s theme this week is #cm_multexposure.  So, do you want in on the action?  (Week of December 19th, theme is #cm_ringoffire so I’ve added ring of fire overlays too!)

Maybe your camera doesn’t do multiple exposures, or if you have a Nikon, it’s pretty difficult and limiting.  (You can watch my attempt to do an in-camera multiple exposure on my nikon d5200 here.  Hint: It ain’t pretty.  I went with Photoshop, ultimately!)

Or, maybe you don’t want to take the time to create some of the special effects like custom-bokeh shapes.  (You can catch Meredith Minor’s tutorial on how to create heart and star-shaped bokeh here.)

And check out Shelby Zavala’s amazing multiple exposure shot step by step here!

Well, I’d love for you to check out our free dropbox folder of bokeh overlays!  Just sign up for our email list below (I promise only to send you really cool stuff!)  I’ve also included a photoshop tutorial for how to use them, and I specifically show you how I created this picture:

create bokeh effect in photoshop


If you’d like to contribute your own bokeh overlays to the collective, that’d be awesome!  I’ll give you photo credit here on the site and also in the file name – but just know that anyone can use your overlay and won’t be required to give you credit.  Email them to me (in the largest file size possible, or share a dropbox folder with me) at

If you’ve purchased overlays, please don’t send those out of respect for the original seller.

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