UPDATE FOR 2017: How to do a 2017 Best Nine Collage on Instagram

I remember last year, this was all the rage, and it IS fun to see a collage of everyone’s best work from the year.

My only question is….Why are y’all posting this so early this year???!!!  😂  We still have 3 weeks left in the year, you might just post your best stuff yet.  But, if you’re itching to join in, here’s how:

There are two main ways to accomplish this.

  1. Use a Best Nine generator on the web.    This free tool will work on all public Instagram accounts and generate a collage for you based on likes on your pictures from the past year.   The generator will give two versions of the collage – one includes the total number of likes that those pictures garnered, with a “Thank you for your likes.”  You can screenshoot this, crop, and post to instagram as is.  Or, you can select the photo-only version, which is only the collage.  This works great, in my opinion, and there’s no ugly watermark either.  how to do a best nine on instagram
  2. Or, you could pick YOUR favorite pictures from 2016 and create your own collage.   To do this, you’ll want to either go to your dropbox folder/camera roll and scroll though – but, I think this would take too long.  For me, I plan on scrolling on my actual feed and taking a screenshot of my favorites from there.  Then, I’ll use the app Layout (from the creators of Instagram) to easily create my collage of nine pictures.  The app is free and again, there’s no obtrusive watermark.

One thing to note is that many, many people report pictures missing from their feeds.  I know for me, even though I KNOW I was diligent about my 365 pictures, posting in order and including the date, there were definitely pictures that just disappeared.  So, if you’re looking for something in particular and don’t find it, that’s probably what happened.  No word on why this happens or any fix, however.

And of course, don’t forget to use the tag #2017bestnine and peruse the tag to discover new talented photographers out there.

Any questions or feedback?  Let me know in the comments below.  Thanks for reading!