November 9, 2016

HubHack Pre-release vs. Public Launch

I’ve been telling you guys that I’m doing a pre-release.  What’s that all about?

Ok, so if you can’t tell, I’ve DIY’d this little website thingy and I’m not the most tech-savvy human on the planet.  (I do have a degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology, but majored in Volleyball and Binge-drinking so that didn’t exactly come in handy…. And that was like 20 years ago before there were cell phones.)

Ok, so Pre-Release.  My plan is to offer memberships without going nutso on the marketing side and keep the memberships capped at about 300 people.  Then, I’ll have raised enough funds to hire my favorite web designer  to totally re-do this thing, make it super user-friendly and super pretty.  Far better than I can figure out.  Then, I’ll be way more proactive about marketing to new members.

At that point, I’ll also have implemented membership software to automate everything.  Right now, there’s a lot I have to manually do.  But that’s ok, I’m going to keep the number of members capped to make it more manageable.  My awesome web designer Jess is gonna install all the membership stuff (technical term) and then I can handle more members.

So – that’s it.  Pre-Release to raise money for a website overhaul and adding membership software.  I want to thank my new members for trusting me with this initially, even before I have everything set up right.

So, if you’re on the fence, give HubHack a try!  It’s only $7 during the pre-release period to 300 initial members.