instagram gallery feature

Yesterday, Insta rolled out a fun new feature, and I’ve already been seeing y’all using it!  It’s super easy and intuitive.

It’s called Galleries – and with one single post, you can add a carousel-style slideshow of up to 10 photos or videos.

Of course, my brain immediately went to “I wonder how many creative uses I can come up with to use this new feature?”  Because that’s what everyone’s brain does, right?

So, it’s easy – when you’re ready to post as usual, you tap the + button and then tap the “Select Multiple” icon.  Then tap away, up to 10 photos or videos.

When you’re scrolling your feed, you’ll notice that posts that have more than one picture added to their gallery will have a series of blue dots below the picture.  You can swipe from right to left to scroll through the gallery.

instagram gallery feature

Photo by @KaleenEnkePhoto of Atlanta, GA

In an Instagrammer’s grid view, you’ll see galleries denoted by the multiple post icon. Like this, below:

instagram multiple post feature


Ok, easy, right?  Now that we know how to create a gallery post and see our friend’s gallery posts, how should we use this new feature?

7 Creative Uses for Instagram’s New Slideshow Gallery Feature

  1. What Kaleen did in the post above is a perfect use – to post several pictures taken around the same time – during the same event, same location, etc.  Be sure to choose your very favorite as the first picture!  This way people will be drawn in to scroll through the rest.  Another perfect example is when you have a client session where you’ll want to share several pictures but don’t want to be posting the same session for days on end!  Tip: Think about the flow of pictures – maybe do one post with all of your B&W images and another with all color.  Don’t post 3 in a row of pretty much the same exact pose or situation – mix it up a bit.
  2. Show a final edited image as the “cover image.”  Then, show your editing transformation.  The second picture can be the SOOC.  The third can be your RAW adjustments.  The fourth can be your Lr final edit, then your Ps edit, then if you go back to Lr to finish your image, you can show it again as the last image in your gallery post.  (You can even add video if it helps explain your editing steps.)
  3. Show behind the scenes of your session or at the time you were shooting – especially videos!  We’ve already been doing this in our stories – showing us walking around with the kids at a location and then, later on we post the final image.  You can totally do that in your gallery post too.
  4. On the fence about B&W or Color edit?  Ask your followers which they prefer.  Get a new set of actions or presets?  Show one image edited multiple ways.  Ask your followers what they think.
  5. Similar to number 2 above, you can do a step by step tutorial on something, photography or otherwise.  Being able to mix photos and videos will be very helpful!  I definitely see this in my future!
  6. Last month, @Camera_Mama did a cool theme, #cm_series where they highlighted photo projects or “series” or themes that show up in our own personal photography.  For example, all photos taken in a favorite spot; all photos taken with your child’s favorite toy; all photos taken of a specific detail of your child, like their hair.  Why not post your most recent “series” shot as the first picture, but then add in your other ones too – to see a progression of sorts?  With the swipe of a finger, you’ll be able to see your child grow, or the seasons change in a favorite spot.
  7. Love your Insta-stories but want them to last a bit longer?  Post your favorite image as your cover photo, and then add in your insta-stories after it, to tell the story and make it last.

What ideas do you have?  I’ll be on the look out for the ways that y’all use this new feature.  I personally just used it for the first time and I’m already a big fan!  Comment below and let me know!

(Two quick things I learned in case you haven’t tried this already – you only get one caption and one tag.  If you’re the mod of a hub and wanting to use this, you’ll have to tag everyone on the cover image.)