Now Hiring…. Project-based Job Opps!

Blog Circle Coordinator

Commitment: Once or Twice per month, on the 1st and/or the 15th of every month.

Pay: $30 per completed circle

Responsibilities:  The Blog Circle Coordinator will collect information from circle participants via email or shared Google doc (whichever the Coordinator prefers), including their blog URL link and keyword phrase.  Then, using that information, the coordinator will email the circle participants the keyword phrase and URL’s.  (If you’ve done a circle before, you’ll be familiar with this.)  Then, the coordinator will check the circle and follow up with any participants who haven’t correctly added the keyword anchor links.

I’d ideally like one person to do both the 1st and 15th circles to keep it clean.  But I can have one person be the 1st and one person be the 15th.

To clarify:  The submission deadline dates are the 1st and 15th for circle participants to send their info.  The circle should be ready and live by the 5th and 20th of every month. So, the Coordinator has 5 days to send the info to the participants and ensure everything is working.

Where I failed in the past when it comes to Blog Circles, is that I just wasn’t consistent.  I want the person in this role to be a stickler for deadlines.

Guest Blog Submissions Manager

Commitment: 1-2 submissions per week

Pay: $25 per submission

Responsibilities:  The Guest Blog Submissions Manager will receive blog submissions from HubHack Pro members.  They will receive, via Google Drive, the text, images, and videos from submitters.  They’ll do a basic proofread to ensure everything makes sense and that all information has been received.  They’ll make sure that the submitter has also included a correctly-sized profile image, a short bio, social links, their preferred keyword phrase (for SEO) and their website URL.  This information should be checked for accuracy.

The Manager will give priority to content that includes helpful tips that would be valuable to photographers, or submissions that the Manager feels would be of most interest to our readers.  Priority will also be given to any submitter that has a time-sensitive marketing need for an upcoming class, workshop or launch.   The Manager will then submit to me, via a different shared Google Drive, the final text, images, videos, and necessary info from the submitter to be posted by me to the blog.  I can post two guest blogs per week.  The Manager will receive $25 per submission, up to 2 per week.  My primary need is for all of the information to be complete so that I can quickly post the blog without waiting for information or having to contact the submitter.

Videos can include editing or shooting videos.  The submitter can also include presets, actions, or any other supporting details that readers would find helpful and valuable.

Guest Blog Manager will coordinate with the Member Spotlight Manager so that the same person isn’t featured on the blog in the same month.

Member Spotlight Manager

Commitment: 2 submissions per month, ideally on the 2nd & 4th weeks of the month.

Pay: $30 per submission

Responsibilities: The Member Spotlight Manager will select a member from our HubHack Pro community to feature on the blog (with promotion on Instagram too).  The Manager will pay special attention to upcoming workshops, breakouts, and launches and ensure that instructors are featured at least 2 weeks before the start of their class.

The Manager will work with the Photographer to collect anywhere from 4-10 favorite images.

The Manager will gather information, such as the Photographer’s bio, URL, social links, profile image (correctly sized), and preferred keyword phrase for SEO.

The Manager will also use their judgment on additional information, such as interview questions, to round out the feature.  For example:  How did you get into photography?  What’s in your bag?  Favorite lens?  Best photography class you’ve ever taken?  Who are your favorite photographers to follow on Instagram?  What other mediums inspire you?  What are your other hobbies?  Coolest place you’ve ever traveled?  Do you mod or admin any hubs?  And a simple, “tell us about yourself…”  (Think: What do our readers want to know about this photographer?  What would I ask this photographer if I had the chance? (Now is your chance.))

The Manager will submit all images, text and information via a shared Google Drive.  The contents should be post-ready.

Other info…

Based on the number of people that were interested in these jobs, please don’t feel the stress of making this a long-term commitment.  I’d obviously love the same people in these roles for a good bit of time, just to make it easy and consistent.  But if you get busy and your life situation changes, you may bow out at any time.

My main goals are to have all of the information I need to be able to post quickly, without doing a lot of follow up and research on my own.  I’d like all the information to be checked so that it’s correct and images are sized properly, etc.

I also want people in these roles to stick to the schedule (and hold me accountable too!)

Any questions?  DM me @hubhack_members.



Open to US residents only.  Payments will be made via PayPal.  Because PayPal is a third-party merchant, they will issue a 1099-k to you.  You are responsible for reporting this income for taxes.

To apply

Email me at using the subject line: HubHack Application. In the body of the email, include the position you’d like to apply for and any details that you’d like to share about your experience or personality that would make you a great fit for the job.  Don’t send a resume or a CV.  I’m not that formal.  Just looking for reliable, detail-oriented people to help me in these areas.