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Super excited to bring you this Mod Spotlight today, especially on the heels of a brand new hub’s launch, @TheCandidClass. 

I had the opportunity to chat with Nicole Crocker of @niccrocker and Aaron Quesnelle of @thequesnelles (Pronounced Kuh-NELL – not Quiz-nellies!)

aaron quesnelle

Aaron Quesnelle

Nicole Crocker

Nicole Crocker

Even though I was an early adopter and fan of @TheCandidClass, a spin-off of the popular hub @OurCandidLife, I really enjoyed learning more about the vision of the hub.

You may remember my recent interview with Rebecca Malouf Franson of @Camera_Mama and we talked about how cool it is that her hub strives to provide shooting and editing tips in bitesize Instagram posts.  @TheCandidClass will also offer the education that we’re all craving, but will go deeper with monthly themes, photo assignments, and will truly operate as a “class.”  Instead of the commitment of a 4 week workshop, you can join in @TheCandidClass for a deep dive on this month’s topic.

Both ladies emphasized that class is open to all skill levels – they hope to help beginners get off their feet, but also provide some new tips for even seasoned pros.  They also want to celebrate and encourage newer photographers to share and try new things.

Don’t forget to follow @TheCandidClass and get in on the action!

This month’s theme has already been announced, “Celebrations” and this week, we’re working on capturing that sparkly light bokeh in creative ways.  Use the tag #tcc_celebrations for all of your bokeh pictures this week.

instagram hubs

They’ll also feature from the maintag #thecandidclass, looking for pictures that have something unique – a fun shooting technique or an amazing edit.

Weekends will be reserved for Show & Tell features, your incredible before/afters.  You can DM @thecandidclass with your dramatic transformation for a chance to be featured.

@TheCandidClass also has a long term project called Firsts; they’re looking for your “Firsts” – so the first time you’ve tried a certain way of shooting, a style of editing.  Maybe you’ve been working on something for awhile, but finally feel like you’ve got it, for the first time.  I’m anxious to look though the tag, as Nicole mentioned that several photographers were gracious to tag some ooooooolllllld pictures – kind of a “before they were famous” instagram-style!  Just to prove that with practice, you can refine your style and create images that you love.  Use the hashtag #tcc_firsts for to channel your inner Anna and share your “for the first time in forever…”

Here’s a breakdown of our conversation:

(A quick note – we had some audio issues, so I did try to edit that as best I could, but there are some weird breaks – hopefully it’s not too disruptive!)

1:00     Introductions

3:00    Scandal?  Ha – no!  I asked if the spin-off from @OurCandidLife created any drama?  Definitely not, everyone was completely supportive, but they wanted to keep the “class” aspect separate from the themes and features of @OurCandidLife and felt starting a new hub would be the best way forward.

8:00     @MandyBaughnPhotography will be covering Candlelight later this week.

8:20     Erin of @ThisGirlNamedErin will be covering candlelight and flames too.

8:40     Aaron is up next week, teaching on getting in the frame

9:00     Telling the story through details

9:10     Starting projects in the new year, such as a 365, project 52; how to be successful and reach your goals with your personal project

11:45    A typical week on @TheCandidClass

M/W/F  Features from the class tag and also the main tag and #tcc_firsts

T/Th  Class Days – lessons in the morning with class features in the afternoon

Sat/Sun   Show & Tell – DM your best transformations, discussion on editing

14:00   #tcc_firsts to celebrate your “firsts” to encourage others to try something new too

15:40    We all started somewhere

16:00    Gossiping on Meg Loeks 😉

18:40    Last thoughts about @TheCandidClass

19:00    Building community

21:00    The Android vs. iPhone emojis – Holy Guacamole Face/Scary Movie Mask 😱

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Nicole and Aaron, and learning more about @TheCandidClass.  I’m definitely excited to see what we learn together.

Need some Bokeh inspiration?  Check out this Member Spotlight where Courtney Bowles of @CourtneyAtHome shares her phenomenal double exposure bokeh shot that was featured EVERYWHERE last week!

I had to get in on the action, and you can see how I attempted to shoot a double exposure with Christmas tree lights.  It didn’t go well….So I faked in in Photoshop.

Would you like a printable list of over 100 hubs and hashtags for momtogs?  Click here to get yours!

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