Sigma 85mm 1.4 ART Giveaway!!!!!!!!

sigma lens giveaway

Yes, please?????

I’ve been hearing whispers about this brand new ART series portrait lens from Sigma. Click Magazine is giving one away!!!  You’ve got to get in on this!

I hopped over to Amazon, and apparently there’s only ONE left in stock right now and it retails for $1200.  A little google searching yielding these reviews:

“Highly Anticipated” “A welcome addition to the ART line” “Exceeds expectations” “The Beauty of this Beast”

Now, my everyday, favorite lens is also a Sigma ART series lens – just one you may not have heard much about.  Since I use a crop sensor body (the Nikon d5200) I pair it with the Sigma ART 18-35mm 1.8.  I truly love it – if something happened to it, I’d have to scrub toilets and save pennies to buy a new one – it’s not a lens I can live without.

Given all the high praise the other ART models receive from the big name photographers, like Meg Bitton and Megan Loeks (among many others!) I can only imagine this will be the new hot lens you’ve got to have.

To find out how to win, click here!

If you don’t win (womp womp womp….) you can always blow your allowance over at Amazon (affiliate link – thank you for helping me not scrub so many toilets to afford this lens!)

(Canon link first, Nikon second – be sure to look at the model that mounts to your body.)

If you’re interested in the 18-35m for crop sensor bodies, the lens that I use every day and ADORE, you can check it out below (affiliate link again – doesn’t cost you any extra, but throws a few pennies my way, thank you!)

(Canon link first, Nikon second – be sure to look at the model that mounts to your body.)

If you’ve only used Nikon or Canon lenses, don’t fear off-brand lenses!  You just pick your mount – Nikon or Canon (I think they have Sony mounts too) – and it’s just like the lenses you’re used to.  As I mentioned, I’ve been using the Sigma ART 18-35 for over 2 years now, it’s my favorite lens.  The other lens I might pull out occasionally is my Tamron 70-200mm 2.8.  It’s a fantastic lens.  It doesn’t review as strongly as the Nikkor, but my results are wonderful and it’s priced way more affordably than the Nikkor at that focal length.  I did a ton of research before purchasing and I’m so happy with the lens selection I own.

(Canon link first, Nikon second – be sure to look at the model that mounts to your body.)

To enter to win the Sigma ART 85 1.4, click here! 

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