August 23, 2016

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“HubHack is a busy momtog’s dream come true. I have such limited time to be on my phone during the days, and I love that HubHack puts all the week’s hashtags in one place.  I can spend more time actually enjoying IG and interacting with my IG friends, and less time searching for tags. Thank you for streamlining this process for me.”   ~ @EricaEldridgePhotos

Save Time. Get Featured. Have Fun.

Gain Exposure.  Increase followers.  Make friends.

All the themes, all the hashtags in


Your HubHack membership includes:

  1. A private Instagram account, where you’ll receive a post every day containing a list of ALL of the themed hashtags that are relevant for that particular day.

  2. Your weekly theme hashtag list.  Copy/pastable. Plus a handy PDF Printable too!

  3. Engagement Posts throughout the day to help you get more reach, hit Top Posts and the Explore page.

  4. Premium Content and Tutorials.

    All of this for just $9 per month.  


Are you a professional photographer or blogger and looking for more SEO benefits?

Take a look at HubHack Pro.

HubHack Pro includes everything in the core HubHack membership plus:

  • Blog Circles
  • Guest blogging opportunities
  • Member Spotlights on the Blog and promoted on social
  • Directory listing

What’s so special about those, you ask? 

Backlinks, my dear, backlinks.  Also known as citations.  Do a little research or ask an SEO expert: The most powerful way to let the Googles know that your website is credible and should show up on page 1 for search results?  Backlinks.  How do you get backlinks?  Sounds scary… Well, I just listed 4 ways above.  When another credible website that tells Google that it’s “about photography” (ahem, this site) links to your website “about photography” and uses your keywords in that link, Google bots start believing that your site IS what it says it is.

All blog spots here use keyword-rich anchor text. Ya know Nicole Houser?  Of @nicolekristinphoto?  (Of COURSE you do, duh!)I wrote an article about her and SEO’d that puppy straight up.

Guess what? She’s a family photographer in Sarasota, Florida. (See what I did there?  I told the Googles that her site IS about: a family photographer in Sarasota, Florida and now the googles will show her site to anyone who types that phrase into the Google search field. So simple, y’all.)

I also keyworded and linked up every image in that article too.  If someone does a Google Image Search for “family beach photography in Sarasota” guess what they’ll see?  Her images.  And they link right back to HER website.

Sure, she should do some basic SEO on her site too.  She should blog her client sessions and make sure she takes the necessary steps to rank for her keywords.  But citations, friends, citations  make the magic happen.

HubHack Pro makes getting those precious little citations super easy.  

HubHack Pro is only $12 a month. I don’t think it’ll be this way for long…Remember, you get HubHack core benefits ($9 value) plus Google-Juice for only 3 bucks more.  Most sites that offer only a directory listing are charging $25-80 a month. Fo reals.

Let’s summarize:

HubHack Core Membership includes the private account with daily hashtag posts; access to hashtag lists that you can copy/paste, a handy printable to help you edit your lists, engagement posts, and premium content and tutorials.  This is $9 a month.  

HubHack Pro includes everything above PLUS backlink-rich benefits including blog circles, guest blog opps, blog features and a directory listing.  This is $12 for a limited time.  

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