November 2, 2016

Beta Tester Survey 2 | Final Survey – thank you!

Hi girls!

I think it’s time to get my butt in gear and get this thing launched publicly.

As I’ve mentioned before, my goal is to do a soft pre-release to a limited number of people for the purposes of testing the waters, gaining more feedback and also to raise money to hire my web designer.  She’s awesome and will totally re-do the site so it’s pretty and super user-friendly.

So, without further adieu…. (not like it’s been 4 months or anything!) here’s survey #2, your final survey.  But ALWAYS feel free to provide feedback as it comes to you.

Thank you so so much!  Your responses from the last survey were incredibly helpful and y’all have had a big impact on how this thing looks and runs.  I can’t thank you enough!