The Magic of Light Workshop with Summer Murdock

Like many of you, I’ve taken nearly every workshop and breakout under the sun! ¬†While the vast majority are really good, there are definitely only a few that I’d include in my MUST TAKE top 1% of all photography education I’ve done. One of those is The Magic of Light workshop with Summer Murdock through[…]

Mod Spotlight | Nicole Crocker & Aaron Quesnelle of @TheCandidClass

Super excited to bring you this Mod Spotlight today, especially on the heels of a brand new hub’s launch, @TheCandidClass.¬† I had the opportunity to chat with Nicole Crocker of @niccrocker and Aaron Quesnelle of @thequesnelles (Pronounced Kuh-NELL – not Quiz-nellies!) Even though I was an early adopter and fan of @TheCandidClass, a spin-off of[…]