Being a mod for an Insta-hub is actually a lot of fun.  It can be a little work and I found that there’s definitely a bit of a learning curve when you’re first starting out.

My first foray into the world of modding was being a guest mod one Sunday for @Dearest_Viewfinder.  I only had to choose 3 pictures, but they had to coordinate well with each other.  (DV likes for their rows of three on the main gallery to all have a cohesive look.)  It’s actually a lot harder than you’d think!

Then, I actually became a regular mod for @Shared_Joy where I put together collages and do solo features every Thursday.  It took me a bit to figure it all out, but I think I’ve come up with some cool tips and tricks to help any of you new mods out there.  If you’d been modding for awhile now, it’s even possible that you’ll pick something up too.

Check out the video below for a walk-through of my entire workflow.

Any questions or any tricks that you’ve learned that you’d like to share?  Please do!  Comment below and I’m eager to hear from you!


Mentioned in this video:

Layout App for Instagram

Want to be a mod, but don’t know how to break in?  A lot of hubs have guest mod roles available.  I just recently did two weeks of modding at @TheAlbumsCo.  You can always DM one of the moderators and offer to be a sub, or ask if they’d mention you if a spot opened up.
Hope that helps!

Also – check out this post where I show you how I easily copy/paste an Instagram caption.  I’ve done this as a mod several times, if I want to also provide the caption to the hub’s followers, but don’t want to type the whole thing out.  Who has time for that?

Oh, I thought of another one that might help you batch your posts if you have a busy day.  Let’s say you need to post 4-6 times in a day, but plan to be literally running around all day?  Go ahead and batch your posts ahead of time!  Here’s how. 

UPDATED 2017:  I’ve learned a couple more tricks you can use as a Mod.  One has to do with a new feature that IG added a couple updates ago.  That is the Save feature.  If you’re a mod, as you’re scrolling through, you now have the ability to tap the Ribbon icon, under the picture, on the right hand side, to save the picture. Only you can see what you’ve saved – no one gets a notification or anything like that.  Then, you can go back and view your saved photos, by tapping the ribbon icon from your Home screen. This totally avoids having to screenshot a MILLION pictures!  Huge improvement!  You can edit/delete pictures that you no longer need by tapping the picture, and you’ll notice the ribbon is filled in black.  Tap the icon again, and it’ll be white – that indicates that the picture is no longer saved.

Also, along the same lines, I believe Tracey from @makeitsnappy3, a mod I worked with over at @Shared_Joy taught me this one (and I think @JustBethwithAJ does this too!) They put all of their screenshotted photos into a separate album on their phone.  This way, they can pull a necessary photo when trying to make a grid collage, which can get tricky when you have three solid contenders, but just cannot find that fourth!)  I used to delete ALL the screenshots from my phone the day after my Mod Day.  But this way, I could save them in an album to pull from later on, instead of scrolling hopelessly looking for that perfect 4th picture.  (Am I the only one?)

I hope these extra tips were helpful!  If you’re a mod, what tips do you have?  What challenges you most about the job?