Hey new 365’s!

One tip to help you stay motivated and push through the inevitable ruts you’ll encounter this year, is to celebrate hitting milestones.  At the end of each month, reward yourself!

(I’m going to show a few examples throughout this article from Zaida Lucia of @zaidalucia.photographer (formerly, @mamawithacamera.)  Why?  Well, her stuff is just sooooooo gooooooooood, so why not?  I find so much inspiration in her pictures!  If you don’t know Zaida (I call her Lucy, we’re tight like that 😂) you must follow her. Her creativity is endless.  She’s also one of the presenters at Insta-Inspire coming up in April 2017.  There are a few spots left!

For more on Zaida, you can visit her website: Family Photography in Dallas, TX and be sure to follow her on Insta and Facebook.)

Here’s a couple ideas how to commemorate your monthly accomplishments…

Repost your Favorites in a Collage

There will be months where you have one favorite, maybe four, maybe even six or nine. You can repost your favorites in a collage.  I like the Layout App from the creators of Instagram.  It’s free and super easy to use.  I use Layout for making all my grids, whether I’m modding for a hub or doing a Follow Friday.  There are a ton of different types of collages to choose from, depending on the number of pictures you select.

Here’s a gorgeous example from Zaida:

best photographers in dallas tx

Post a Calendar View of your Monthly Pictures

When I started my 365 Project last year, I started noticing that a few people did a calendar collage and I loved the look of it.  This is a fun way to see your month at a glance.  You’ll also start noticing trends, and this exercise may even help you refine your “style” as a photographer.  You’ll see the tones and types of light that you tend to shoot in.  Maybe you’re like me, and you’re all over the board – that’s ok too.  But if you’re struggling to find your voice as a photographer, this monthly view may help you hone in on it.

I like to use the Collect App for this.  It’s $1.99 – which, ha, if you’re like me, you’re all, “ugh, I have to pay for something??” Well, yeah, but it’s $2 and worth it.  It’s easy to use and if you keep reading, I’ll show you some other options for using Collect too!

For some inspiration, you can search #collectapp.  Here’s one of mine from last year.

365 project

I saw this in the hashtag and thought it was pretty cool!

photo a day project

Post a Slideshow of your Daily Pictures

I also use Collect app for this and it’s a fun way to mix up your feed too.  To have Collect create the slideshow for you, you’ll have to pony up a couple more bucks – I think either $3 or $4… But again, it’s something you’ll hopefully get a lot of utility out of.  I held off upgrading, but when I finally did, I couldn’t believe I was so cheap!  It was totally worth a couple bucks to create the slideshow.  You can use it to create client slideshows too!

Here’s an example from Zaida again:


What do you think?  How do you plan to commemorate your monthly 365 achievement?  Do you have any other fun ideas to share?  Let me know by commenting below and I might feature you here on the blog or on my Instagram account @photographerhack.

If you’re doing a 365 Project, one way to stay inspired and challenged (as if it’s not a challenge in and of itself!) is to follow along with daily themes.  HubHack is a service that compiles all of the daily, weekly and monthly themes for you and you’ll have all the hashtags you need at a glance!  Check it out!