how to add music to instagram storiesWell, you certainly could just have music playing in the background, but the sound quality won’t nearly be as good as if you add it directly to the story.

Maybe you don’t want a silent story (you can mute the sound of your story easily) but also don’t care for any distracting background noise.  (Note that if you use this method, there will be no other sound to your Story – the only sound will be the music.)

I learned this trick way back when I still did SnapChat (does anyone still Snap?) and maybe you’ve figured this out accidentally.

The only person that I see consistently using music in her stories is Meg Loeks of @meg_nlo.  (For super creative uses for music, I highly recommend following one of my faves, Sareta of @kikiblahblah.  She did a hilarious story about a week ago using the soundtrack to the infamous Jaws (get that music playing in your head…good? ok…) And her story showed her going back and forth between a green smoothie and a glass of wine!  Hilarious!

Ok – now, on how to do this.  I could record a video, but it’s so super straightforward, I won’t waste our time on that.

How to add music to your

Instagram Story

  1. Simply have your music app playing on your phone.
  2. Record a story.

Really?  Yeah, really.  I’m surprised more people don’t do this, but I admit that even though I know HOW to do it, I usually don’t remember to do it.

Any questions you have on Instagram Stories?  Let me know, I’d love to figure out a way to help you!

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