I’ve already started seeing Best Nine grids on Instagram, even though as I type this, we’re in the thick of Christmas.  But, this is the last week of the year, if you can believe it!  (I can’t…I’m stuck somewhere in August, I swear…)

Well, there’s a few ways to create your Best Nine grid.  You may not want to leave anything to chance, and select your own Best Nine, and then use a collage app, such as Layout by Instagram.  This way, you can choose YOUR favorites and design your grid to be most visually appealing.

If you’d like to see what your best-loved posts have been, you can use an app or website to make a collage for you.  (These collages are based on likes only – not on comments or any other metric.)

But…I don’t really want to download an app on my phone for a one-time purpose, ya know?

And…I really don’t feel like putting in my email address on a website and having them email it to me (and do who knows what else with my email address?  I get enough spam, I don’t need anymore.)

So, I recommend this website to create yours!  It takes just a few moments to generate your grid. If you’re on your phone, go ahead and take a screenshot, crop and post!  Don’t forget to use all of the Best of 2020 theme hashtags for a chance to get featured.  (For best results, you’ll want to repost single images from your collage.  That’s usually what hubs have featured from in the past. You could also edit and add the Best of 2020 hashtag, but what if one of your best was from February?  It might be pushed down pretty far unless it hits Top Posts. If a post did well earlier in the year, feel free to repost and it’ll probably do well now too.)

That’s it!  Easy Peasy!  But just don’t be fooled by sites or apps that you need to download and that require your email address.  It’s so easy to do it with the site above.

Looking forward to seeing your Best Nine from this past year!

Merry Christmas!