September is behind us, but I wanted to showcase the best features from all of the many hashtag themes that revolved around Yellow or Gold to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

Y’all…I’m kinda sad to be doing this post SO late (it’s mid-October now).  In doing a little bit of research, this is a huge deal.  There are so many ways to get involved and show support, that I’m absolutely putting this on my calendar to gear up for next August.

Did you know…?

“Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children under the age of 15 in the United States.”

Many of us have banded together on Instagram to show support to our fellow photographer, the talented Megan Loeks.  Earlier this year, momtogs from around the world showed their support with a super hero themed hashtag, #strengthforLeo, and we’ve all watched their journey as a family – from chemo treatments, the boys being home without their big brother, and now finally he’s feeling better and last word was that he’s able to jump again.

childhood cancer awareness

Image credit: Megan Loeks









I might be late to the party, but I still want to honor those photographers who put a lot of heart into the special Yellow & Gold themes this month and feature the best of the best.

September 5th – 9th Themes

#pws_97  “Yellow” from @momswithcameras

(Parents who Snap challenge)






Instagram hubs and themes

And the winner! By @ayuvoo


Here are some of my personal faves from that tag:
























instagram for moms and babies

By: @tlvphoto

















#sc_theme191 “Splash of Yellow” by @SimplyChildren

best mom photographers

Theme announcement by: @th3littlestavenger

best photographers on instagram

A poignant photo by: @meg_nlo






























By: naj_oo


(To be continued…I didn’t realize this would be such an epic undertaking!  But there are many themes to cover and MANY beautiful pictures to feature….)