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Here are your Black Friday Sales & Deals!  I’ll be adding to this list as I hear of more deals.  If you know of a deal, tag me, message me, or somehow let me know and I’ll add it to the list!  Be sure to check back on Friday, even though I’m releasing this a bit early, so you can plan for what you’ve had on your wish list all year!

(This post does contain some affiliate links.  There is no extra cost to you at all, but I will receive a % from the seller of these products.  Thank you so much for using my link!)

Tara Lesher

Tara has a huge store and membership program, full of photoshop editing tutorials, overlays and brushes.  Definitely one to check out!

Free Brushes, Free Snow Overlay and Black Friday 50% off everything in the store: CODE: BLACKFRIDAY

tara lesher


Jessica Drossin

Our *BIGGEST EVER* Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale Starts NOW!
Purchase ANYTHING from the store and receive a FREE HOLIDAY GIFT (Please see details below.)

Save 50% on ALL product BUNDLES, excluding the new Illuminations Bundle with the New JD Illumination Instant Overlay Actions Set which goes back to the Introductory Price of $80. Simply use the code: SAVEBIG2016.

Save 40% on all single products, with the only exception being the New JD Illumination Instant Overlay Actions Set which goes back to the Introductory Price of $35. Simply use the code: SAVEBIG2016.

I’m excited to offer a FREE Holiday Gift Set to everyone who purchases a product from me. This set includes a JD Illumination Instant Overlays Mini-Set (new and DIFFERENT actions from the full set), a Simple Black and White Conversion Action, a Dramatic Cloud Overlay and a Mini Brush Set of flares/light rays. It’s EASY to claim your gift set. Once you’ve made a purchase, the instructions to redeem your FREE HOLIDAY GIFT SET will be in the download e-mail. Simply go back to the store and claim your FREE GIFT!

This 50% OFF INCLUDES BUY THE STORE! Even if you have made other purchases from me in the past, this might be the best way to save! Questions? Please feel free to email me at! We expect to be very busy over the next few days but will respond to your email within 24 hours 😊

AS ALWAYS — If you have purchased from me within the past 72 hours, I am happy to offer you in-store credit for the price difference. Simply email me at



Morgan Burks

Actions, Overlays, Textures & Presets!  Click the Image below to go shopping!

photoshop actions


40% Off ALL MEMBERSHIPS!  Click the image below to sign up!



Also from ClickinMoms – head over to the Click & Co. store to save HUGE!  Click the image below.

clickinmoms store

Camera Gear/Lenses

I’ve been scouring Amazon, B&H, Adorama, etc.  A lot of deals for gear are actually bundles.  I have to tell you, in my opinion, you are FAR better off purchasing a camera body alone, and then purchase the lenses separately.  The lenses offered in bundled packages are better utilized as paper weights.  With that said, feel free to look around Amazon, etc for those deals, but I don’t recommend a bundle.

The Nikon d5200 is the camera body I’ve used for the past 3 years or so.  This is a great deal, as I think I purchased mine for around $700.  It’s a crop sensor, but I’ve only recently felt that I’ve outgrown it.  If you’re only a few years into your photography journey and mostly take pictures outdoors or in decent indoor light, this body is a good choice.  Every picture on my Instagram accounts was taken with this body.

Here’s the Nikon d7200, also a crop sensor, but has a few more bells and whistles than the 5200.  It’s currently $200 off.

I’d be lying if I said that a full frame wasn’t on my Christmas wish list!  The d750 is $200 off.

And of course, the much-loved Nikon d810 is $300 if you’ve had your eye on it for awhile.

Here’s the Nikon 50mm 1.8G, a nice little starter lens and it’s $43 off.


Full Disclosure – I know nada about Canon lenses.  But here’s a couple on sale, but please be sure to do your homework.  I’m not recommending these, because I honestly have never touched a Canon before.

This is a Canon 50mm 1.8, which is a great little starter lens.  It’s $15 off.

And here’s a 70-200 that is $150 off.

At this time, none of the Sigma Lenses appear to be discounted.  I checked Tamron and a bunch more Nikkor and Canon lenses and didn’t see much on sale.

SIGMA Lenses!!

Found this on the ClickinMoms site!  Sigma lenses, yeah!

Great savings here!  So, my favorite all-time lens is the Sigma Art 18-35 1.8.  No, it’s not on sale, but it’s Full Frame sister/equivalent IS.  The 24-35 f2.  I adore my sigma and probably 90% of my pictures are made with that lens. (And my d5200 body, that I mentioned above.)

We’ve all heard the buzz about the 35 and 50 Art.  I think they have an 85 that has yet to be released too.  I threw in a 105 Macro (I know the Nikkor is highly reviewed, I’m not sure how this one stacks up.)  Also, the 70-200, which I know, when I bought my Tamrom 70-200, the Tamron was thought to have a slight edge.  So, as always, do your research.  But Sigma makes nice glass, so worth checking out!

screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-4-43-55-pm screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-4-43-32-pm screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-4-43-19-pm


Zenfolio websites for Photographers

Zenfolio is who I use for my photography business website.  I did it all myself (don’t judge, it’s terribly outdated since I’ve spent my time on this website lately…) But I’ve used Zenfolio for 4 or 5 years and super happy, wouldn’t switch.

40% off an annual plan, code: BLACK40

Click here:

Save 10% on a Zenfolio site


Meg Bitton

Click images below to be directed to those sales!

photoshop editing black friday meg bitton photoshop editing meg bitton sale

Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions

SALE has started – just use the code THANKS25 and a 25% discount will be applied to your entire order – even already discounted bundles (which means you can save up to nearly half off on bundle deals).

paint the moon actions

Jackie Jean Photoshop Tutorials, Actions, Overlays, etc. 

50% using the code: BLACKFRIDAY


Christina Scalera Contract Templates

Christina is a well-known attorney for creatives and this is a great deal!

Use the code: GOBBLEscreen-shot-2016-11-25-at-9-07-19-am

Twig & Olive Actions & Presets


Greater Than Gatsby

NEW THIS YEAR… The 50% OFF code also works with the Gatsby Bundle! The Gatsby Bundle allows you to create your own bundle by placing 4 or more individual products in your cart to save an automatic 30%. PLUS save an ADDITIONAL 50% with code: BLACK50

Little Lusker Photoshop Actions

$250 off the Ultimate Collection including 380 Ps Actions + 70 Light Leak Overlays for $30!



*Up to 50% off after 10AM PST



17hats Studio/Business Management Tool

When I was running a photography business, I tested out many different tools to management my clients, contracts, payments, etc.  I tried Tave, StudioCloud, Pixifi, and probably many more I can’t remember.  Finally I found 17hats and it was by far the easiest to use and had everything I needed.  Now, unfortunately, I take on so few clients that I no longer have an account, but I would highly recommend using 17hats.  (Not an affiliate link – but if you ask around, any active user will be able to provide you with one, and they’ll receive one month free if you sign up, so definitely worth it!)


Iris Works Studio Management

I looked really hard at Iris when I was researching management tools.  As mentioned above, I ultimately went with 17hats.  However, Iris was brand new at the time and was lacking the functionality that I needed (this was probably 2-3 years ago.) I’ve heard good things recently, so worth checking out.


Kelly Moore Bag

black friday photographers

Tribe Archipelago Presets for Lr

black friday deals for photographers

VSCO Presets for Lr

*Coming Soon

Mastin Labs Actions and Presets

black friday deals for photographers


Davey & Krista Website Themes

Y’all remember Davey & Krista from the Rising Tide Society?  Well, they’ve branched off and now are offering cool website design.  Their newest theme Monterey is available for only $375.


Facebook Ads for Photographers


Design your first album in 15 minutes! SmartAlbums is a must-have album builder that is intuitive, quick, and simple. Save $100 on SmartAlbums now through Nov 28. Use code 100SALE at checkout.





 Photoshop Training Channel

Love their Jesus’ tutorials!  Check out their free stuff and now you can take 25% off ANY PURCHASE using the code: thx2016.



The ModernTog



*Post contains some affiliate links.  Thank you so much for using my link, I appreciate it very much!*