Here’s another group of fabulous photographers who participated in a Blog Circle for January.

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If you missed our other January Blog Circle Group, you can hop over and check out their posts too!

Let’s get to it!  To follow along, all you need to do is jump in the circle by clicking over to any of the blog posts below.  At the end of every post, there’ll be a link for you to circle over to the next one.  This is a group of four photographers, so it won’t be too overwhelming!  Bonus points if you leave a comment!

First up is Tori Cox of @LilBirdPhoto

Tori’s sharing some beautiful (and wintery) family photos to document many of the “firsts” that her family is experiencing now that they’ve made a big move to a new place.

best photographer in amarillo

Love the reflection of this one and the splash!

To jump into the circle with Tori’s post, you can click here: Lifestyle Family Photography in Amarillo, TX

Be sure to follow Tori on Instagram: @LilBirdPhoto

Next up is Natalie Windsor of @CreekandTree

Natalie has some encouraging words for you mamas out there.  Don’t like getting in the frame?  Shy away from pictures of yourself?  First, know that you’re not alone!  Natalie’s words remind us about the importance of letting go of our insecurities and realizing why we need to exist in photos.  (I wrote about this too!  Be sure to read Natalie’s post, but if you need more incentive, check this out…)

best photographers in denver

To check out Natalie’s post, click here: Family Photographer in Denver, CO

Follow Natalie on Instagram here: @CreekandTree

Following the circle around to Hali Tomczak of @SweetLivPhotography

If you’re in need of some in-home, lifestyle newborn photography inspiration, definitely click here!  Hali is sharing a sweet baby boy’s newborn session.  I am so in love with a more lifestyle or documentary-style approach to photographing babies, and Hali did a beautiful job.

best photographers in rochester

To jump in the circle with Hali, click here: Lifestyle Newborn Photographer, Rochester, NY

Follow Hali’s work on Instagram: @SweetLivPhotography

And… Kaleen Enke of @KaleenEnkePhoto

Last, but certainly not least, you must check out Kaleen Enke’s 2016 favorites from her photo project, Portrait of Play.  Y’all…I had trouble picking just one favorite to share here, so you’ll have to click to see the whole thing!

family photographers in atlanta

Remember, you can jump in the circle anywhere and just follow the links around.  To start off with Kaleen’s post, click here: Documentary Family Photography in Atlanta

And be sure to follow her on Instagram: @KaleenEnkePhoto

There ya have it!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this little summary of one of our blog circles from January.  I love seeing what my Insta-friends have been up to, whether it’s a compilation of photos that you get to take in altogether, a client session, or just to learn a little more about what’s been on their hearts and going on in their lives.

Remember to follow the circle around and please leave a comment to encourage these ladies, so they know you’ve stopped by.