Low Light Photography Tips by Tanya Moon

Are the shorter days of winter getting you down? If you’re stuck inside, go ahead and give yourself a creative push to experiment with Low Light Photography. In this tutorial, photographer Tanya Moon gives you her best tips for shooting in low light.

How to Use Nametags on Instagram

When you meet someone in person, using a nametag on instagram is the quickest and easiest way to follow each other. No spelling required.

What the Heck is Up With Top Posts?

Since Instagram’s Top Posts for hashtags has changed recently, what is really going on and how can you get into Top Posts? I break it down with what I found…

Featured Photographer: Marissa of @marissa_gifford

Learn more about Marissa Gifford, a photographer and educator from Vancouver, WA. She teaches photography and photoshop editing.

How to Create a Logo Profile Picture for Instagram

How to Create a Logo for your Instagram Profile Pic using Photoshop

Featured Photographer: Melissa Haugen of @missmelis1112

Melissa Haugen of @MissMelis1112 on her photography journey, inspiration, favorite gear and new online photography class.

How to Create a PDF File

In this article, I’ll show you two super easy ways to create a PDF file.

Best Nine of 2018 on Instagram – How to Find Yours!

I've already started seeing Best Nine grids on Instagram, even though as I type this, we're in the thick of Christmas.  But, this is the last week of the year, if you can believe it!  (I can't...I'm stuck somewhere in August, I swear...) Well, there's a few...

How Meg Loeks Hit the BIG 150

Otherwise known as "The Four Best Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram..."                           A few weeks ago, I gave my first (of hopefully many to come) live webinar to an audience of Click Pros, entitled The Four Best Ways to Increase Engagement on...

The High Watermark Fallacy: Why Your Instagram Engagement is Low

Why is my instagram engagement sinking? Does the algorithm hate me? Here’s what I learned when I took engagement data from top photographers and put it to the test.

Black Friday Deals & Steals for Photographers 2018

My best Black Friday Deals for Photographers! Jessica Drossin!!! Jessica always BRINGS IT for Black Friday and this year is no exception! 50% OFF EVERYTHING PLUS A FREE GIFT WITH EVERY PURCHASE! CODE: SAVEBIG2018 Jessica is known for her amazing photoshop actions,...

Hashtag Audit – @DivyaWolf

I admit it...I have a strange obsession with hashtags. So much so that when I scroll through my grams, leisurely so, I'll pause for a moment to take in someone's hashtags.  Usually, something will catch my eye and interest me - a new hub? A theme tag I've not seen...

The Magic of Light Workshop with Summer Murdock

Like many of you, I've taken nearly every workshop and breakout under the sun!  While the vast majority are really good, there are definitely only a few that I'd include in my MUST TAKE top 1% of all photography education I've done. One of those is The Magic of Light...

Weddings, Proposals, Couples Hashtags for Instagram

Below a list that I have verified.  The way I came up with this, in case you'd like to try your hand at creating a list from scratch, is I did the following: Typed in keywords into the Instagram search field and narrowed by "People."  I don't care to search via...

Shadowbanned Hub? Here’s some ideas…

So, I'm in a group DM of other hubs and a few have expressed concern that their hub is shadowbanned and not growing.  Here are some of my thoughts on this and some tips to help you expand your reach while your hashtags don't work. First, you should know that the term...