I had so much fun teaching a little about B&W editing in Lightroom and Photoshop over this past weekend on Instagram’s @TheCandidClass.

When I created the videos, I actually recorded the entire edits, and then spliced them up to fit within Instagam’s 1 minute video clip limit.  However, in a gallery, even though in theory you should be able to add 10 one minute videos….in practice…not so much.

So, we cut down the videos I created to shorter, more bite-sized videos.  But…since I had the full-length recordings, I wanted to share them with you.

What you’ll see:  Over 1 hour of my screen recordings in Lightroom & Photoshop where I don’t use any presets or actions at all.

Video 1:  I pull in an SOOC and make some basic raw processing adjustments in Lightroom.  I didn’t want to duplicate what KelleyK taught on @thecandidclass, but I do show you how I adjust my white balance and WHY it is crucial to do so prior to converting to B&W.  I show you shortcuts the how & why behind checking your Before & Afters.  Also, when you convert an image to B&W, it makes no sense to check your before & after with the color SOOC.  So, I’ll show you how to fix that.  I’ll show you sharpening masks and a few uses for the dehaze slider.


watch me edit video in photoshop

SOOC shot with a Nikon d5200 & Sigma ART 18-35 1.8

editing in Lightroom and photoshop

Basically SOOC – the ONLY thing I did was convert it to B&W in Lightroom (treatment: B&W)

watch me edit in lightroom photoshop

All Lightroom raw processing done.

Video 2:  I pull that same image from video 1 into Photoshop.  Now, unfortunately, I had already edited the image without recording it, but I will go through layer by layer and show you the exact adjustments (and why).  I show you the difference between adjustment layers, transparent layers and pixel layers.  I’ll specifically show you how I add light & contrast to any image, selectively and quickly.

editing in photoshop

Final image after many Photoshop layers. In the second video, I go through layer by layer to show you how I got from the Lightroom finished image to the final image.

Video 3: Here’s the image that most of you saw on @thecandidclass.  In those Instagram videos, I showed you the almost-final image and how I added artistic blur.  But, in this video, I show you start to finish, the entire process.  (I do skip the Lightroom raw processing, however.)  I show you the key to quickly adding light & contrast to your images using Quick Mask Mode.  I use a ton of levels and curves layers to get the image to look exactly as I want it to.  Then, of course, I’ll show you three types of creative blurs you can use.  Lastly, I’ll show you how I resize & sharpen the image specifically for Instagram.

editing in photoshop

Here’s the final image – you’ll get to see me literally edit this image from start to finish in Photoshop

edit photos in photoshop

The pure SOOC. Awesome, huh? Shot with a Nikon d5200 and Tamron 70-200 2.8.

editing in photoshop

The raw-processed image in Lightroom. Adjustments made to white balance, greens/yellows and saturation/luminance.

how to edit B&W photos in lightroom and photoshop

The raw processed image after clicking to convert to B&W using Treatment: B&W in Lightroom. (Or, this is the same exact thing as adding a B&W Adjustment Layer in Photoshop.)

editing in photoshop

And again…for good measure, the final image.

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