June | Blog Circle Sign-up Form for HubHack Members

If you’re a HubHack member, please sign up to join a blog circle for the June round.  I’ll put out a sign-up sheet every month, so if you miss this month, there’s always next month!

I will create a roundup post on the blog here, using keyword rich anchor text.  (“Huh?” you ask…. Go back and check out this article.)  I’ll also post a favorite from each post on @photographerhack.  In a few months, given you’ve done some basic SEO on your website to begin with, you’ll start to see more inquiries from google!

(I’ve heard from several of you that you’re definitely seeing a boost in your search rankings and more inquiries!)

June Deadlines

Sign-up including PUBLISHED LINK is due by 12pm EST Wednesday, June 20th.  The post can either be live or you may publish it anytime before the 20th (that link MUST work.  Preview links are notorious for causing issues in blog circles.)

You’ll receive an email with all the details you need on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

May 23rd – 24th – Update your blog post with the correct link and anchor text.  This must be completed by the 24th.

I’ll start testing the circles to ensure that all of the links work properly, that everyone is using the correct anchor text, etc.  You’ll receive a group DM with your fellow circlers, and I’ll give y’all the go-ahead to start promoting the blog posts.  If any of the links aren’t working, or I have questions, I’ll let you know via that group DM.

I don’t know what to blog!

Spring Favorites!  Mother’s Day!  What you’re working on now…

If you have a photography business, you could do a round-up post of your favorite mama pictures (I think this would play well to your ideal audience, if you know what I mean… Showing a prospective client how you make mamas look and feel beautiful and comfortable in front of your camera is a great thing!)

There are a ton of ideas out there, I could go on FOREVER!  But let’s start easy, you can feature your favorites from the prior month, especially if you’re doing a 365 or a 52.  You could feature a recent session.  You could provide a photography tip or trick, or something that you’re working on, like from @camera_mama. You could pull an old favorite photo or series and discuss why you love it.  If you’re going for a local market as a pro photographer, how about featuring a series from a favorite location that you use for photos?  Great for local SEO.

Sign up below to participate in the

May Blog Circle!

(I will limit circles to 5/6 people each, if we have more than that, I’ll add more circles.  I know from experience, it gets old to click through so many. A smaller circle is more effective than a large one.  With the rotation, hopefully you’ll get grouped with different people and it’ll be fun!)

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