I have a bunch of articles on Engagement Groups, and recently made a pretty big update to my policies for HubHack engagement groups.  Because I have the updated rules in one place (where I parse out all of the survey results) and the original rules in another place, I wanted to put them all in one single place to keep it as easy as possible.

  1.  To commit to an engagement group, you intend to post at least 3-4 times per week, send those posts to the group thread and engage with all other posts made on the same day that you send your post.  If you plan to post less than 3-4 times per week, you are encouraged to comment on the Engagement Posts made in the private account instead.  If you get sick, go on vacation, encounter a busy time – that is ok.  You are allowed to miss and still stay in your group.  But your intention should be to post 3-4 times a week, at least, to your group.  You may post every day, Monday – Friday, once a day, maximum.
  2. You do not need to stay in your engagement group for any length of time.  If it’s not your cup of tea, you may remove yourself at any time.  (I cannot remove a person from a group DM.) You can request, at any time, for any reason, to be moved to a new group by submitting the Engagement Group Form. 
  3. You may only be a part of a maximum of 2 HubHack engagement groups at one time.  If you want to switch up your group every few weeks/months, you may, but you’ll need to choose a group to leave prior to being added to a new one.  If you find a group that you love and want to remain a part of and participate in, you may stay in that group.  I have no restrictions on outside HubHack groups/pods, but I urge you to be reasonable in your number of groups.  I found that one group is plenty – you run the risk of tripping up any detection that Instagram has on rapid engagement (some believe that might cause a shadow ban) and Instagram is meant to be fun.  I can’t imagine you’ll have time for anything other than group engagement if you’re in 6 groups.  I just encourage you to be wise about the number of groups you want to be a part of.
  4. You may only post to your group once per day, Monday – Friday.  We take weekends off.  There are no optional weekend posts.  For posts made on Saturday/Sunday, please use the engagement posts on the private account.
  5. One post to one place:  If you belong to 2 groups, send one post to one group.  If you post later that day, post to the other group.  Try to switch off so that you are participating in both groups.  If you find that it’s overwhelming, or that you really connect with one group over another, please leave the group that you no longer want to participate in.  In my honest opinion, one engagement group is enough.  I will allow you to comment on an Engagement Post even if you’ve sent your post to your group.  (Those are also once per day.)
  6. By sending a post to a group, you commit to following up and engaging with every post made on that day.  You do not need to go back to posts made on previous days (unless you posted to the group that day.)  Do not send a new post to the group, until you’ve completed your previous engagement.  If you don’t post on a particular day, you don’t need to engage with posts made to the group on that day.
  7. Engagement equals a “Like” plus a 4+ words comment on the post that is thoughtful and relates to the picture or the caption.  Emojis do not count as words.  But you can add emojis – just be sure there are 4 words in your comment.
  8. To send your post to the group, make your post as usual.  Then, click the paper airplane icon to send it as a DM.  Look for your engagement group and send.  You don’t need to add a comment.  You must send the post to the group – emojis or any indicator of a new post will no longer be honored (unless I have a bunch of you that is adamant about that, I can group y’all together.  The majority of people want posts sent directly.)
  9. After you send you post, go ahead and engage with anyone who posted that day in your group.  Later that day or the next day, follow up to make sure you’ve caught everyone that posted later than you.
  10. After you’ve engaged with the post, double tap the post inside of the group DM thread to place your profile picture beneath the post, to help you keep track of who you’ve engaged with and to signal to the poster that you’ve completed the engagement.
  11. Per the survey results, I will pop in occasionally to the group.  I’m not trying to spy, stalk or be creepy.  I avoided going into the groups in the past as an effort to NOT appear creepy, but y’all overwhelmingly want me to stop in.  My role is that of an admin, facilitator, etc.  If I see a question I can help with, I definitely will.
  12. If you come across a post that you feel is offensive to you in some way, or controversial and you don’t feel that you can like or comment on it, I would advise that you just ignore it.  Should the poster notice that you didn’t engage, they’ll probably come to me first.  And I’ll be able to spot a post that I think might make others feel uncomfortable.  If there is someone that consistently posts things to the group that you just don’t agree with and can’t engage positively with, please let me know.  I love Instagram because it’s NOT facebook.  If you would like to make a post that you know might be off-putting to certain groups of people, go ahead and rock that post and own it.  But consider not sending it to the group for engagement.  Use good judgment, as I’m sure you already are doing.  Although I plan to pop in more often, I can’t always catch or police everything and rely on y’all to let me know if someone is causing issues.
  13. To switch your group, simply submit the form.  If you love your current group, you can stay and be added to a new one.  Do try to post 3-4 times a week and you need to keep up with engagement.  If you find you’d prefer to leave a group, you can easily let the group know that you’ll be switching it up or whatever language works for you, and you can remove yourself by tapping the little “i” in the upper right corner, scroll down, and remove yourself from the group thread.
  14. If you notice that your group DM has disappeared, never fear!  This is a common glitch, and know that no one can kick you off the island except you.  Even though I create the groups, I cannot remove anyone from it.  All you need to do is wait for someone to comment or DM and ask someone to make a comment, and the group thread will magically reappear.  This happens all the time.

I think that’s it!  If I’ve left anything out, please let me know!