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Today on the HubHack Pro Member Spotlight we meet the incredibly talented Nicole Kost. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Nicole and I can tell you, she is just as lovely a person as you would imagine.

About Nicole

Nicole lives in the countryside of North Carolina with her husband and sweet little girl. The whole family has a love of the great outdoors and they often explore the world through hiking, kayaking and canoeing. When not out shooting, Nicole’s hobbies include gardening, drawing and playing the acoustic guitar.

For Nicole, it seems she has always enjoyed photographing nature, however she began to take her hobby more seriously in the year after her daughter was born. As she began capturing the moments of her growing daughter’s life, her passion for photography, especially child portraiture, also blossomed.

Nicole’s Style & Inspiration

Nicole’s style can be described as fine art with hints of lifestyle photography. Her images span the genres of child portraiture, nature and landscape photography. She loves history, vintage items and nature. She draws inspiration from natural light, weather and classic childhood moments artfully weaving together all of these elements to create the most sensational and timeless images. Her body of work has a winsome and introspective quality that inspires a deep sense of wonder in the viewer.

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The artists that Nicole feels most inspired by are the following:

Adrian Murray @adriancmurray for his beautiful visual storytelling

Kristen Ryan @kristenryanphotography for her flawless landscapes (also a HubHack member!)

Danielle Awwad @littlefarmphotography for her stunning child portraiture (also a HubHack member!)

Nicole’s Course

Nicole has a course with Click Photo School that will have its live run February 19th, 2019- March 6th, 2019. This is definitely a course you don’t want to miss so run, don’t walk, over to grab it because you can order it now!

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Explore to Create: A Guide to Magical Child Photography

From the Guide:

Go behind the scenes with Nicole to see how she creates beautiful photographs from everyday moments. Nicole teaches you how to create artful images with purpose. You will receive an in-depth description on how Nicole uses weather conditions, light, color and compositions within her images. A 120+ page PDF, bonus PDF, 6 editing videos, shooting video and 2 presets are included.

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Nicole’s Gear

Most days you will find Nicole wearing her LowePro Flipside 450 Backpack and shooting with her Canon 5D Mark III attached to her Holdfast Single Leather Strap.

You can bet she will have these three go-to lenses with her:
• Canon 85mm 1.2
• Canon 135mm
• Canon 100mm

She keeps her Canon 50mm f/1.4 handy for freelensing and often uses her Nikon D700 Nikon with her Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 for capturing fast action wildlife. A few of her other favorite things are her Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 (Nikon), her Nikon 50mm f/1.8, her drone a DJI Mavic Pro and her LowePro Fastpack 200 to keep them.

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Where to find Nicole

You can check out Nicole’s work in all of the regular places. She has two accounts on Instagram: A main account that showcases all of her work and another that is strictly nature. Her galleries are like strolling through an art museum.



Nicole is the creator and mod of @wilderness.kids.

Nicole mods at the hub @shot.with.moxie.


Nicole Kost Photography


Nicole Kost Photography

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