I am loving these FREE snow overlays from Tara Lesher Photography.

Living in Atlanta, we don’t really get much snow – if anything, it’s ice that doesn’t look very pretty and just makes it dangerous to get around. ¬†(Y’all remember Snowmageddon, right? ūüė≥)

So, instead of getting down about my climate situation, I’ll just use an overlay.

Click here to download FREE Snow Overlays from Tara Lesher Photography. 

Be sure to check out Tara’s amazing shop of Photoshop actions and tutorials!

Her photos are beautiful and magical, and she explains everything so clearly. ¬†(*Affiliate link: For no extra cost to you at all, if you purchase anything from Tara’s store through my link, I’ll get a little something something. ¬†Thank you!)

Tara does provide a thorough tutorial along with her snow overlays, but I wanted to show you how I’ll use it for my image as well.

snow overlay in photoshop

See how I created this image – literally from start to finish! ¬†I open up the SOOC in Lightroom, make my Lr adjustments, pull it into Photoshop and edit it there. ¬†You’ll pick up some tips and tricks along the way. ¬†(I did have a hard drive issue at one point, and a short part of the video can’t be recovered, though. ¬†I’m sorry!) ¬†The entire video is 25 minutes long, but since I’m totally winging the edit, you’ll hear my thought process (even as scattered as it is!) as I edit an image for the first time.

Please note – part of what got deleted in the video is the actual overlay part. ¬†Tara has a 2 minute video on her site showing it. ¬†Essentially, you can drag over the overlay onto your image in Photoshop – OR, click File – Place Embedded (or Linked – either one.) ¬†Then search for your overlay file, select it and it’ll be added to your image. ¬†You can change the blend mode to screen (other blend modes might work too, just experiement.) ¬†You can layer multiple overlays on top, change the opacity so it isn’t so strong, and be sure to add a layer mask and brush off any unwanted flakes on your subjects if you wish.

Let me know if you have any questions at all!