I am feeling convicted y’all….

I know this is my weakness.  In my first year’s worth of 365 pictures, guess how many times I made it into the frame?  Twice.  And one of those is one of my favorite pictures ever. Was featured all over, and I adore it.


And the other one kinda sucked.  Not gonna lie.  So, I’m 50/50.

Aaron, one of our HubHack members, mod-extraordinaire, and this week is an instructor at @TheCandidClass, teaching about getting in the frame…And all I can feel is that, I haven’t showered.  I’m so busy.  I don’t have time.

Look.  I know that the 365 project was the best thing I’ve ever done for my photography.  Probably for my kids, maybe my life.

Why is it now that I feel this tug that doing a Project 52, of ME in the frame with my kids is what I must do next?

I failed miserably at my 365 project. Out of 366 days in 2016, I probably missed maybe 66.  (Maybe more.)  But I got 300.  (Give or take.)

I got a powerful lesson on moving those dials every single day.  Or most days.

I fell in love with my camera; it’s an extension of me.  I feel more complete when I have it around my neck.  Even though my go-to lens is huge and heavy.

Even though my camera is an old crop sensor and I should feel the urge to splurge on a full frame.

But I love my camera.  Dearly.  Like one of my own children.

Ok, so all of this to say, get in the frame.  Do this with me.  Let’s try this.

This is NOT my thing.  I don’t like being in front of the camera.  But I want this for my kids.

My favorite picture of my mom….I know for a fact she was 38 at the time it was taken.  (I’m almost 39.)  She was in a purple business suit.  Makeup.  Hair done.  I took it as she sat at our dining room table (where I sit, typing this….) on her weird accounting calculator that had a printer and a roll of paper.  She looked so young.  So professional.  I love that photo of her.

I still have my mom.  She’s in her 60’s now.  But in October, I attended the funeral of a friend of mine, a mom of two young kids.  She died suddenly, unexpectedly.  She lost her own mom when she was 19.  She always said that she was grateful that she lost her mom that way – that she didn’t have to see her grow old, suffer, die of an illness, wasting away.  She was grateful that her last memory of her mom was of a vibrant, happy, energetic woman.

What legacy do we leave our children, if we leave this earth soon?  Can we leave them with pictures?  Not beautiful, makeupped, hair-did, breathtakingly-amazing pictures.  But just pictures of us.  With them.  Doing everyday things.

Let’s do that.

Thank you, Aaron, for teaching on this at @TheCandidClass.

In the spirit of the season and my conviction on how important this is, please feel free to copy and paste this list of hashtags to use when posting your self-portraits.

“One day your children will look for photographs of you, what will they have?”

~Sue Bryce

But first, #existinphotos and #existinphotographs

And the rest of them…

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