April 24, 2017

Guest Moderating @Photographerhack

Thank you so much for offering to guest mod!  It helps me out SO much, you have no idea.  And I love that it keeps the account fresh, with many more perspectives than just my own.

First, I’ll send you the current password via DM on Instagram.  But here are a few things to keep in mind.

Your first post should be an introduction post.  I used to do those myself, but it always sounded kinda weird.  I prefer the look and feel of an intro post where you get to speak in your own voice.  You can choose one picture that you love, or a gallery.  You can include a self-portrait (or picture of you in the frame) or not, totally up to you.

On every post you make, please indicate that you are moderating.  When others have forgotten, those featured assume that I (Amanda) have featured them, and thank me.  I’d much rather give credit where credit is due!  Plus, it helps any of my followers that haven’t met you before a chance to tap over to your gallery and hopefully follow and engage with your content.  You can do this however sounds best to you. Some examples would be opening a caption with, “Hi again, it’s Amanda from @amandamedrowmyers and I wanted to share…”  Or you could close your caption with a simple, straightforward, “Chosen by guest mod: Amanda of @amandamedrowmyers.  Or – truly, however it sounds best in your voice.

When featuring other photographer’s work, please always @mention the photographer in the caption and tag them in the post.  Also, always maintain the original crop of the image.  Use the little bracket keys in the lower left corner when you make a new post to recrop it, or if you’re using the gallery feature, you’ll need to use an app, like Whitagram, to add a border.  It takes a bit more time, but for me, it’s critical to maintain the artist’s original vision.  The only way that I understand that this is not possible is if you create a grid collage.  Then, just use your best judgment on how to frame and crop the images in the collage.  It’s not common for guest mods to use a collage, but I do love a well-designed grid, so go right ahead!

Most of all, share what you love, what you find interesting, what inspires you.  I have no other rules.  I want you to have fun with this and enjoy sharing with the community.

I prefer that you space out your posts by at least one hour – 2 hours is probably ideal.  You can post anywhere from 2-6 times, as long as you keep good spacing if you want to post 6 times.

You can use hashtags if you wish.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.  Either way.

You don’t have to only feature HubHack members, feature whoever you like.

I have never had an issue with this and highly doubt it would ever come up, because HubHack members are AMAZING, but always keep a positive, encouraging tone.

I don’t currently have any specific hashtags you must feature from, but on Fridays, it’s common to feature from the #followfridaymamas tag.  If you mod on a Friday, you do not have to feature from that tag.

Let me know if you have any questions at all!  And thank you so so much for volunteering to guest mod!