Are you heading off to the ClickAway conference this week?

Well, if you are… LUCKY!  And I’m jealous!

But also, I’m going to show you a super quick and easy way to follow your new friends using Instagram’s Nametags.

A nametag is a phone-scannable follow tool.  No spelling out your username and tapping it in.  Just scan someone’s nametag and you’ll be following her automatically.

use nametags instagram

They’re super easy to create.  To get started, you’ll tap the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner of your profile screen on Instagram.

make nametag on instagram

Tap on Nametag.

You have three format options: Color, Emoji and Selfie.

There are five different color options, shown below. To toggle through the colors, tap anywhere on the screen.

how to use nametags on instagram

If you’l like an emoji (which personally think is the most fun and most customizable) tap on Color on the top middle of the screen to switch to the emoji format.  Here, you can select ANY emoji you like.  I’ve chosen the leaf emoji because it goes best with my brand.  You could choose puppies, butterflies, aliens, skull & crossbones, red lipstick smooches, peacocks, sunshines, fruit, champagne flutes, palm trees, you name it!  (One category of the emoji keyboard is not available, and that’s the symbol category which also contains all the hearts.  Very odd, but worth noting.)

create nametag instagram

Pick something fun and that fits your personality and branding, if possible.

If you prefer to have a selfie format, go ahead and tap on the word Emoji in the top middle of your screen.  Now, you’ll take a picture of yourself, fitting your face into the oval.

quickly follow on instagram in person

There are five different emoji nametag styles: Yellow sunglasses, mustache, unicorn floatie, heart-eyes, and blue glasses.  You can toggle between them by tapping anywhere on your phone screen.

Once you’ve decided on your design, you could save it to your camera roll, but you really don’t have to.  You could also text it to someone or FB message it to them.  But the whole goal of a nametag is that you’ll have a quick and easy way to follow someone when you meet them in person.

how to use instagram nametag

You can change your nametag style at any time.  It’ll save automatically when you hit the X in the upper left corner.  To change it, just tap the format in the upper middle or anywhere on your screen to change the style.

Ok, now that you’ve created your nametag, how are you going to use it at ClickAway?

When you meet someone awesome and decide to follow each other on Insta, you’ll both open Instagram and tap the three horizontal lines on your profile screen.  Then, tap Nametag.  One of you will tap “Scan a nametag” at the bottom of your screen and hover over the other’s nametag on their screen.  Then, switch.

You can use your Story camera to do this, but I think it’s more intuitive to be in the Nametag area and use the Scan link, assuming you want to follow each other.

Lastly, you can even print your nametag and have it on promotional items.  For example, if you’re a vendor at ClickAway, have a card with your nametag out for people to scan and follow.

(If you’re a wedding photographer that does bridal shows, you can have it printed and out and ready at your booth.  You could put it on your client welcome packets.  You could even use it in print advertising, but just remember that it’d have to be large enough to scan.  I don’t know how small it can be to be usable – but certainly going to test that out for you!)

If you meet someone at ClickAway that doesn’t know about Nametags, tell ’em about PhotographerHack!  And don’t forget that HubHack is an official partner of Click Pro and we have a generous discount for you.