We’ve all heard this over and over again – one of the keys to productivity is to batch or time-block.  But Instagram is inherently unfriendly to productivity.  In fact, it’s probably the biggest time-suck I have.  But it’s fun, so whatevs.

But, I ran across this article on a new but little-known update to the app.  Insta-stories got so much hype that this little update was overlooked.  But…it’s a good one.

Let me first say that life got a WHOLE heckuvalot easier once I finally caved and started to schedule my Facebook business page posts.  I could spend an hour and schedule out posts for the next couple weeks – awesome!  If you’re not scheduling your FB posts, you are seriously missing out.

But scheduling on Instagram?  Yes, I’ve heard of Later.  And Buffer.  I think there are several others, maybe even schedugram – or maybe I just made that up. (Nope, turns out it’s real.)

But this – this is IN-APP.  Let’s jump in and learn how to “Save Drafts” of a post and come back to them when we’re ready to post.  This means you can take a bunch of pictures, get them all set for posting, but just save them instead, so that you can space them out (and not completely annoy all of your followers!)

Step by Step How to Save Draft Posts in Instagram

  1. Prep your post as you normally would.  This includes adjusting the crop if needed, adding the caption, geo-tag, tagging people, etc.  Once you would aaaaaallllllmoooooosssst post…
  2. Click OK but BEFORE you click the blue bar at the bottom that says, “SHARE AS….”
  3. Click the < button in the upper left hand corner of your screen.  Click < AGAIN.
  4. “If you go back now, your image edits will be discarded… Save Draft; Discard; Cancel.”
  5. Click Save Draft.  Your Draft of this post will show above your camera roll.
  6. The next time you open Instagram to post, you’ll click the camera icon (which is the middle icon along the botton of your screen.  Your Drafts will show above the camera roll.  Tap the photo you want to post.  Click Next and you’ll see all the saved changes from earlier.

***Remember to have your hashtags READY TO GO before even starting this process.  Hashtag preparedness is always step 1!  That means have them “copied” before you even open up Instagram.  Timeliness is key to the IG algorithm.  Adding tags later does you no good at all.

Want to see this in action?  Watch the video below where I show you step by step on my iPhone how I use this feature.

OCTOBER 18th EDIT: You can “Manage” (meaning DELETE) unwanted drafts now!  Here’s how:

When you click the camera icon in Instagram, as if to post a picture from your camera roll OR from your saved drafts, TAP WHERE IT SAYS “Manage” in gray, with the number of drafts you have saved in parenthesis.  Then, tap “Edit” in the upper right hand corner of this screen.  Then tap the picture you want to delete.  Then, tap Discard Posts in red in the bottom middle of your screen. It’ll ask if you’re sure, and then tap Discard Posts again.  Now, you’ll have a clean, working draft area to use for future posts.

Hope you’ve enjoyed learning this little-known Instagram trick.  Have any Insta-hacks or tips you’d care to share?  I’m happy to feature them and credit you.

Thanks for playing along~