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Today on our Hubhack Pro Member Spotlight: The awe-inspiring fine art landscape photographer, Kristen Ryan. She’s a midwestern mom of 4 with her heart in the mountains and a passion for traveling the world and capturing the beauty around us. Her  photography is colorful, nostalgic, and creative with a focus on dramatic skies. She is a self described long exposure addict, creating water and clouds with a dreamy softness and feeling of serenity much to the viewer’s delight.

Kristen’s Photographic Journey

Even as a young girl, Kristen loved to photograph her friends, family and travels. However, it wasn’t until 2011 when her twins were babies that she dove head first to practicing and studying. She started to learn to how to control the camera and to capture the visions she always imagined. Kristen took many courses at ClickPhotoSchool and this is when she found herself falling in love with landscape photography. Kristen shares two courses that really pushed her work to the next level— Sarah Wilkerson’s “Elements of Design” and “Composition & Creativity”. Her other interests include running, hiking, tennis, basketball and music and she is an accomplished harpist. She also spends her non-photography time reading, cooking & baking, and on her true passion— spending time with family.

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Kristen’s Inspirations

Kristen’s landscapes are inspired by amazing light, dramatic skies, and the feeling of being fully alive in nature. When photographing her children she often sets focus on their interaction with nature, capturing meaningful moments in beautiful light. She cites as inspiration one of her long time favorite photographers— Thomas Mangelsen whose wildlife and nature photography sets him apart as one of the industry’s finest.  

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In Kristen’s Bag 

Kristen’s favorite bag is her Promaster Cityscape 70 Backpack. It’s always packed with her intervalometer, filters and Gitzo tripod. I love the way Kristen describes her lens choice. She says, “the best lens is simply the one that captures the details of the beauty, whether it is the 14mm for the wide expanse or a 70-200 at 200mm to focus on the light hitting the tip of the mountain”. 

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Kristen shoots primarily with a Nikon D850 and a variety of lenses. 

Nikon 14-24 f/2.8, 

Nikon 16-35 f/4, 

Nikon 24-70 f/2.8, 

Nikon 70-200 f/2.8, 

Sigma 14mm f/1.8. 

She also shoots with a Sony a7rii coupled with either a Sony. 24-70 f/4 or her Sony 16-35 f/2.8.  

Kristen’s Courses & Retreats

Online Course

“The World Around You”

This 4-week online landscape photography class with Click Photo School.  This course covers the fundamentals of shooting landscape photography. Settings, light, composition, creative techniques, post processing and night photography are covered. A solid understanding of manual mode and your chosen editing software are prerequisites for getting the most out of the class.  Next run begins April 8, 2019 and is expected to run again in October, 2019. I took this course in Oct 2018 and I can tell you it is packed with information, useful exercises and a lovely community.  Kristen and her alumni helpers are the most helpful, supportive and wonderful group you could possibly imagine. Whether you are a complete novice, as I was, or a more seasoned landscape photographer this course will give you the tools you need to achieve your vision! 

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Magic in the Tetons

Magic in the Tetons is a 4 day, 4 night ladies landscape photography retreat set in Grand Teton National Park. The 2019 retreats are sold out but 2020 will offer a retreat in both June and September. The focus of these retreats is to combine the opportunity to chase the light from day to night and create community and connection among like-minded women. Limited to an intimate group of 10-11 women, attendees come away with lots of learning, incredible memories and beautiful friendships. This retreat has sold out in mere minutes from the email list, so request to be added to the list if you are interested. 

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Magic in Chicago

A new ladies retreat for 2019! August 23-25 will be a city adventure focused on capturing the magic of night in Chicago. It will also include sunrise and sunset shoots, post processing discussion, and connection with a small group of women. Registration will open in early April. 

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Canadian Rockies Ladies Retreat  November 2019 with Kristen Ryan & Gina Yeo 

Kristen Ryan Photography is teaming up with Gina Yeo Photography in hosting a ladies landscape photography retreat exploring and capturing the spectacular beauty of the Canadian Rockies.

Where you can find Kristen

You will want to set aside some time to soak up all of the beauty in Kristen’s incredible body of work as well as that of the artists she features on her beautifully curated hubs. Be sure to check out her website blog as it is a course in and of itself. 

Website: Kristen Ryan Photography


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