November 4, 2016

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When I started using Instagram to post my 365 project pictures, I quickly figured out that this whole Hub-thing was big.  And it is.

Dozens of hubs announce daily, weekly or monthly themes and corresponding hashtags.  These theme tags receive far less traffic than the main tags and are your best chance of getting featured.

Ok, so either you’re manually running around every Monday (or every day) looking to see what the themes are for the day, or… You just don’t bother.  One of my founding members told me that she didn’t even bother with theme tags – it was too much to keep up with.  Ok, cool. I’ll do it for you.

All the themes, all the hashtags in ONE SINGLE PLACE.

Plus Advanced Insta-Hacks and Tutorials, Hub Data, Engagement Groups and more…

For just $12 a month.  No commitment.



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Gain Exposure.  Increase followers.  Make friends.

By far the most powerful way that I’ve personally found to gain new, genuine and engaged followers on Instagram is to be featured on a Hub.  Many of those followers quickly turn into friends.

Insta-friends?  SRSLY?

Yeah, seriously.  I’ve had more than one occasion where someone who I consider to be a friend (someone whose children I’m watching grow up, someone I laugh with, I sometimes cry with, over these inconceivable digital air waves or fiber optic cable, who knows?) drops off the face of my phone and I’m worried.  And everyone else is too.  Comment after comment, wondering if you’re ok…Relief when you post back that you lost your phone and finally found it or that you had to take an insta-sabbatical due to divorce, adoption, mental health, what have you…

We get to know each other. Encourage each other.  Yes, these are my friends.

And I’ve found you, or you’ve found me, in the most curious of modern ways….A hashtag.  A Hub.  It’s like for Momtogs.  And that’s ok.  In fact, it’s pretty awesome.

Oh, but you have enough friends, you say.  Ok then…let’s try something more compelling.

Why should I care about gaining exposure through Hub features?

Well, you don’t have to.  But here’s what I think…

Getting featured is, at best, encouraging, motivating, and it just darn feels good.  At worst, it gives that insecure artist within you a little ego stroke.  Who among us doesn’t want to hear, “I like your picture.” “I think your photos are great.” Because that’s what getting featured is; it’s validation that someone else understands the way you see the world, and also thinks it’s beautiful and worth sharing.

But just as important, if you’re considering teaching through workshops or gaining photography clients, social proof is compelling.  (Not a photographer?  This applies to finding customers for whatever your business happens to be!)

Your potential client is choosing between you and the photographer down the street.  Your photos are technically on point. You understand white balance, exposure, when to break compositional rules.  Her? Not so much- those blue/gray skin tones and soft-focused eyes demonstrate a lack of experience.  Ah, but she has 2000 followers to your 200.  Your potential client hears, “She’s better than you are.” “More people like her pictures over yours.”  Doesn’t make it true.  But social proof is seriously powerful stuff.

Maybe you’d love the chance to teach a Breakout over on ClickinMoms.  But your 140 followers include all of your cousins and sorority sisters.  Hey – I don’t pick who gets to teach classes, but I’m thinking I could sell more Breakouts through that photog with 40,000 followers.  You see where I’m going with this?

If you’re offended right now, I’m sorry.  I am.  Because you’re right- art is subjective.  It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, how many likes and comments.  It doesn’t.  You are totally right.  In the scheme of life, just putting your work out there is a bold risk worth taking.

But social media is a form of marketing, and I’m just here to make it a bit easier on you.  If all this stuff doesn’t matter to you at all, then pass on by and no hard feelings from me.

But if you’re still with me, let’s get to the goods:

Your HubHack membership includes:

  1. A private Instagram account, where you’ll receive two posts every day containing a list of ALL of the themed hashtags that are relevant for that particular day.

    Why 2 posts?  Well, because there are so many themes every day that I’d have to use a teensy-tiny font size to fit them all on one post.  Yup.  In fact, my goal is that you’d be able to read the tags from the thumbnail grid view on IG – not even have to click the individual post.

  2. Your weekly theme hashtag list.  Copy/pasteable.  Plus instructions on how to use it.

    Every Monday, you’ll be able to select/highlight, then copy/paste to your Notes app on your phone, all of the themed tags for the week. (You can click the link in the private account profile to access the web page, or I’ll send you an email every Monday when it’s ready.) That way, when you’re ready to post, just select/delete the tags that don’t fit your picture, edit any of the daily tags and paste into your comment or caption.  Bam.  No more wearing those little fingertips raw typing out all of those hashtags.  There’s gotta be a medical diagnosis for this, am I right?  Hashtagitis? Think of something clever and let me know…

  3. Member Spotlights on Instagram, this website (hello SEO?), and our Facebook page.

    Social proof, more exposure, and shareable to Facebook (where potential clients hang out.)             Don’t want to brag all over your biz page (or personal page, it’s cool) that your photos get featured all the time?  Yeah, that’s annoying and bragadocious. (Social Media no-no.) But it’s totally different if someone else brags on you, am I right?  Plus, if you know anything about ranking high in search results on Google, you know how crucial backlinks are.  We will link to your website (and/or Facebook + Instagram account) using keyword-rich anchor text.  And Google is very happy to rank you higher as a result.  You’re welcome.

  4. The Quarterly HubScore Report: Everything you’d ever want to know about all the major hubs and children’s hubs on Instagram.

    Everything.  I hold nothing back.  A list compiled by number of followers and including categories like average likes and comments, percentage change from last month, etc.  Why?  Why should you care?  Because you are probably using one of those precious 60 hashtags (did she say 60?) on a hub that even if they do feature you, nobody’s gonna notice.  Want to know the fastest growing hub?  Which hub has the most engagement?  Use your tags wisely, young warrior.

  5. Premium Content and Tutorials

    I do a lot of free tutorials, but I have to save my best stuff for my members!  Here are a couple examples of current premium content:

    • Instagram’s Dirty Little Secret – The Double Hashtag Trick (How to use 60 Hashtags for Each Post)
    • The Ultimate Hashtag Strategy for Momtographers
    • 30 Minutes a Day on Insta – How to be most efficient with your Insta-time

    Plus I keep a master Main Tag list so that you can copy/paste, pick and choose groups of hashtags easily.  New Hubs spring up all the time, and you’ll have all of the main tags in one place.

  6. Access to Engagement Groups with other momtogs like you.

    What’s an Engagement Group?  It’s a group of 8-10 other momtogs who commit to engage with your Instagram posts.  It’s one of the best and easiest ways to beat the Insta-algorithm! Learn more here…

  7. Have a blog?  Join one of our Monthly Blog Circles to boost your SEO juice!

    What’s a Blog Circle?  It’s a group of momtogs that publish a specific blog post once a month and then link to the next photographer’s blog post.  If done correctly, blog circles have a powerful impact on SEO, which means that if you’re in business, your prospective clients will find you on google.


All of this for just $12 a month!


In summary, a HubHack membership includes:

  1. Access to a private Hub where ALL of the theme tags are posted daily for you to view at a glance.

  2. weekly hashtag list that you can copy/paste to your Notes app for the easiest and fastest way to post.

  3. Member Spotlight on our public Instagram gallery, blog post here, and on our Facebook page.

  4. You’ll receive the Quarterly HubScore Report so that you know which Hubs are worth your time and valuable tag real estate (ahem…the ones with the highest engagement.)

  5. Plus – Premium Tutorials for Advanced Instagrammers and the opportunity to participate in one of our Engagement Groups and Blog Circles.

Let’s hear from one of my beta-testers (I’ve actually been testing since August!)

instagram tricks“Using Instagram to support my business is such a valuable resource, but wow can it be overwhelming. Amanda at PhotographerHack came along side me and helped to demystify the process. Her guided tutorials are informative and easy to understand, her customer care is excellent and personable, and her hacks save me time!! If you’re looking to grow your business or gain more exposure, but don’t have hours to spend researching current Instagram trends, give HubHack a try and let Amanda come along side you and help you get your account where you would like it to be.”

Jodi Geralyn Bond of @HouseOnASugarHill

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