How to get into the MOL Workshop

Ok, here are all the details to get you in!

Registration for the Fall run is August 22nd at 12pm Eastern time.  Obviously, make sure that you ask google to convert the time to your time zone so you don’t miss the exact window.  Eastern time is NYC time.  Even more obviously, mark your calendar with reminders so you don’t accidentally miss it while scrolling the ‘gram.

The actual workshop runs from September 17th through October 7th.

This is a perfect time, really.  It’s a super busy time in our lives as a family, but it’s also a beautiful time of year and we usually go out of town, up north to the mountains that time of year.  Some of my very favorite images EVER were created during the live run last Fall.  I know they were inspired by my assignments for this class.

Below, I’m going to give you the step-by-step process and timeline for getting into the workshop.  Below that, I’ve provided a copy/pasteable Copy/Paste list that you will need to paste into a Notes note or a doc and insert your own information.

  1. Confirm that you do or do not have a password.  Several days prior to registration, go to the Illuminate website and click to attempt to login.  Now, this sounds kinda silly, because you should probably know if you have an account or have taken a class with Illuminate before.  But I know for me, there have been several times that I swear I don’t have login info for a site…when in fact, I do.  This is a critical step.  If you have an account and aren’t aware of it, you will waste way too much time during registration and you will not get in.  If for some reason you need to reset your password, now you have plenty of time to do it without stress.  Make sure that if you have a password, that you know it and have it handy.  Test it to ensure that it is indeed correct. 
  2. Watch Summer’s video tutorial that walks you through the registration process. It’s available at Click where it says to watch the video. Watch it.
  3. Watch it again. And again. Again, this time, take notes. I’m serious about this.  If you’re serious about getting in, you’ll need to train like an Olympic athlete.  You will need to memorize every screen so that you’d be able to register in your sleep. Know exactly what’s coming next and exactly where to click. Watch it once or twice a day for several days prior to registration.  Watch it again about an hour before it opens.  Michael Phelps credits visualization as his biggest tool for winning gold medals.  I want you dreaming about the registration process!
  4. On the date and time of registration, be on a laptop/computer with a GREAT wifi signal. Don’t attempt this on your phone pulled over to the side of the road.  Don’t attempt this on your phone AT ALL.  At least an hour prior to registration, be sure to be on the internet and make sure it’s working.  If you have to reset your modem at registration time because your internet is acting up, you won’t get in.
  5. Again, about an hour prior to registration, I want you to arrange a split screen on your computer. On one side, have the registration page open. On the other, have any and all important fields that you’ll enter on the registration form already typed out. This could be in a Note, a doc, anything you can type on and copy/paste.  (I’ve included a template for you below!)  You’ll type out your name, email address, your password, and your CREDIT CARD number! You don’t want to be typing that puppy in, under stress, and risk a typo!  Please note: Mac text replacements (which I love to use!) do not appear to work on the Illuminate site.  I would not risk using them here.  Use the copy/paste method.
  6. If you do have an account, I’d log in prior to registration. I don’t know for sure, but it’s possible you could skip the step of logging in. Don’t bet on it, but it’s worth a shot.
  7. Registration truly will open right at 12pm Eastern time. If you’re in a different time zone, be absolutely certain you know what time it is! Your iPhone has a world clock- it’s NYC time. Be sure the clock you’re using is correct.
  8. Go ahead and copy your email address.  You’ll paste this first.
  9. Be on the registration page.  Just to be completely certain, start refreshing your screen like a crazy woman about 3-4 minutes before. Keep refreshing and then clicking on the class thumbnail. You should click to refresh, click the thumbnail, over and over again until the thumbnail becomes a live link that routes to the payment pages.  Don’t just keep hitting the thumbnail.  Your page hasn’t refreshed, so it won’t work.  You have to refresh (which for me is a circular arrow in the URL field of my web browser.)
  10. As soon as the registration screen opens, take all of your ninja training and use it! Go quickly but carefully. This is emergency brain surgery. You cannot make a mistake.
  11. Click Active or Silent. (Don’t make this decision on the fly, you should know already. Also, I highly recommend it Active- it’s worth it.)
  12. Enter the email address associated with your Illuminate account OR if you don’t have an account, the email you want to create your account with. (PASTE EMAIL ADDRESS)
  13. Click Next.
  14. Highlight & Copy your name.
  15. If you don’t have existing account, you’ll now enter or paste in your name. I don’t know if you can enter only your first name or if you must enter first & last. If you have a long name, I highly recommend using this as a copy/paste opportunity.  (PASTE NAME) 
  16. Next, select and COPY your password. My Illuminate password is considered a “weak” password. In case they’ve changed their system to require a strong password (one with upper, lowercase, numbers and symbols all required and at least 8 digits) go ahead and be safe and have a strong one ready. You’d hate to enter a password only to get an error message to have to enter a different one and have to think of it on the fly (only to promptly forget it.)  OR If you already have an Illuminate account from a previous class or purchase, select & COPY your password next. (As mentioned above, be sure you do in fact have the correct password and if it’s a long one, you’ll add this to your list of copy/pastes. (PASTE PASSWORD) You don’t want to type so quickly that you make a mistake and get a Wrong Password error message.
  17. Click Proceed to Payment.
  18. Select and COPY your CC Number.
  19. Pay with a credit card!!!! Do not use PayPal, it takes too long! (PASTE CC Number)
  20.  Quickly enter your already-memorized or written down expiration date and CVC code. Have the card right in front of you.  (Have a different card ready in case Illuminate doesn’t accept your card type. I have long forgotten which card I used. Some payees only accept Visa and MasterCard. Some accept Amex. Some accept Discover Card. Don’t assume that they take Discover and then be scrambling in your purse for another card!! Have another CC number on your paste list just in case.)
  21. There’s an option to apply a coupon. There really are no coupons- I’ve never seen any discounts or anything like that. Don’t waste your time unless you’re 100% positive you have a valid coupon code (maybe from a giveaway??)
  22. Click Pay & Join Course.
  23. You should get a confirmation and a welcome email!! Congrats!!!!!
  24. Just for fun, go back and see if there are any seats left.  And check the clock to see what your time was!  Then, head over to the Illuminate Instagram and watch all the weeping and gnashing of teeth while you proudly sit back with a confirmation in your inbox and a celebratory cocktail in your hand! But please don’t comment and rub it in.  Just sit back and relax and enjoy.  Then count down the days until the class starts.  It’s seriously excruciating.  Literally like waiting for your baby’s due date!

You should be very comfortable using keyboard shortcuts.  If you aren’t already, start practicing. On a Mac, Command-C is Copy. Command-V is paste.  If you have to go into your Edit menu to manually copy/paste, you’ll waste too much time. Practice this.  Seriously.  Practice using your copy/paste list with another open doc to ensure that you’re a ninja at highlighting text, command-C and command-V at lightning speed.

Copy/Paste Template

Below, I want you to use your shortcuts and go ahead and copy my template and paste it into your Note or Doc.  You’ll use this for your split screen.  This is the order you’ll need to go down during the registration process.  Just overwrite the fields with your info.

Don’t do this: (EMAIL ADDRESS) – you could accidentally select/highlight the email address part.  Do this instead: Just “” Nothing else on that line.  As you go through registration, use shortcuts to highlight, copy, then paste.  Next one: highlight, copy then paste.  Next one, and so forth.  You will know what is next because you’ve watched the videos a million times.








That’s it!  I truly wish you the best of luck in getting in!  Let me know how it goes!  This class is amazing and working with Summer is fabulous!