Every month, a group of talented ladies gets together to blog their favorite pictures and support each other by circling around to each other.  Visiting these posts is one of my favorite things- I so enjoy seeing how other photographers capture family sessions or their own lives.  I learn so much and am inspired by them.

We also have a special treat, as Emily Hamson has offered a tutorial for adding sunflare to an image (a little trick I’ve been known to use….perhaps more often than I’m willing to let on!)

Here’s a round-up of the posts this month.  You can click on any of them to jump into the circle and each blog post links to the next, so be sure to follow around.

family photographers in calgary

First up is this amazing family photo session in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I can’t even imagine what it would be like to see this place in person.  It’s a location called Highwood Pass in Kananaskis, in the Canadian Rockies.  So many wide, sweeping views – Dana did such a wonderful job of capturing this family’s hike – I know this will be a memory they’ll forever enjoy, as they look at these pictures.

To see more, click here: Calgary Family Photographer

photographers in wilmington, nc

Next up is Anna Rasmussen’s beautiful golden hour family session.  THIS is why we insist on golden hour sessions!  Anna did a fabulous job of mixing up lifestyle family portraits with authentic moments like this one.

To see more of this session, click here: Golden Light Family Portraits in Wilmington, North Carolina

family photographers in toronto

That face!!??  Next up is a family session by Janis Lempera.  This little guy has two older siblings too and Janis does such a wonderful job at capturing the connection between siblings.  I love that she made the case that three month old babies are perfect little subjects – families shouldn’t shy away from sessions at that age.  I couldn’t agree more.  (If I’m being honest – Amanda speaking here- I think the issue is that photographers don’t know what to do with three-month-olds – they’re too old to “pose” but not yet able to sit, so an inexperienced photographer won’t know the best way to capture them.)

Well, click over for more inspiration on how to capture a family with a three-month-old baby: Documentary Family Photographer in Toronto, Canada

family photographers in atlanta

We’re circling around to my home city of Atlanta and one of my favorite local photographers, Kaleen Enke.  As a fellow student of Kirsten Lewis’ family photojournalistic approach, I admire Kaleen’s work so so much.  I think she captures what I try so hard to achieve, and that is honesty and hilarity.  I’ve always said that if I can get a viewer to laugh at my picture, I’ve got a good one.  Well, I often giggle at her pictures and this one, above, from a session at Ponce City Market near the Beltline, is one example of that.

For more from this session, click here: Documentary Children’s Photographer in Atlanta, GA

add sun flare in photoshop

And lastly, Emily Hamson did a step by step tutorial plus a video on how to add a sun flare in Photoshop.  I actually do this often!  It’s a great little trick to add some, ahem, flair, to an image.  (Insert drum & cymbal to indicate cheesy pun joke.)  Emily’s blog has some fantastic tutorials, so you might end up spending a good bit of time on her blog.  She’s also the creator of a new Instagram hub called the @Creative.Inspiration.Community.  Definitely check it out!

To see this tutorial and more, click over to Emily’s blog: Online Photoshop Tutorial

Be sure to click around the circle to visit each blog post and please leave a comment for these ladies, letting them know you visited and enjoyed their post.  See ya next month~