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I’m so excited about this Member Spotlight today!  I have been swooning over Shelby Zavala’s take on the multiple exposure craze!  Her bokeh is so unique that her pictures are instantly recognizeable.  In this post, Shelby will take us through this amazing picture.

Shelby Zavala is a Family & Child Photographer in Longmont, Colorado

Here is her SOOC (straight out of camera shot):

family photographers in longmont co

“This was taken with my Canon 70D (crop sensor) with my 50mm 1.4 – my settings were ISO 100, F 2.0, SS 1/1000.”

photography in longmont colorado

“This is my image after making some Lightroom adjustments. I straightened it up and cropped it on a “rule of thirds” line. I brought down the exposure quite a bit, brought the highlights down all the way to recover some detail in the sky, and opened up the shadows to compensate for bringing down the overall exposure.”

best photographers in colorado
“I then brought the image into Photoshop where I used “blended latte” and “tea tree” actions from the Jessica Drossin Illumination Instant Overlays pack. If you haven’t tried this pack, it’s AMAZING! I also added some contrast with her “gentle bump contrast” action, as well as some sharpening to her face with the “selective sharpening” action, which are also included in the JD Illumination pack.”
(If you look to the right of your screen on a computer or at the bottom of this page on mobile, I have a Jessica Drossin affiliate link – I would be ever so grateful if you were considering purchasing her products if you used it 😘 It costs you nothing, but I receive 15% commission- thank you!)



double exposure bokeh


“This is my bokeh image that i shot with my 70-200mm on manual focus of our chrisms tree. I used the 70-200mm because i wanted to be able to zoom while taking the shot to create the movement in the bokeh. My settings were ISO 100, F 2.8, SS 1/4. I wanted a long enough shutter speed to be able to completely zoom while taking the shot. I brought down the shadows in Light Room to create a nice black background and adjusted the yellow hue slider in the HSL panel to get more of an orange tone (it was a bit green to begin with.)
I then brought it into photoshop and layered it on top of my base photo. I set the bokeh layer to “screen” mode which basically eliminates any dark areas and you’re left with just a bokeh overlay! I rotated it, enlarged it and positioned it the way I liked it.”
“The only other thing I did was take away the distracting neon pink line on her glove. But that’s how I achieved the final image!”

family photographers in longmont co


best photographers in longmont, co

Final Image














Wow!  Shelby, thank you SO much!  I love learning how other people edit and achieve their distinctive style in their images.

This picture was featured on:




And was the WINNER of the @Mom_Hub Challenge!!!

It was also featured on the @Insta-Inspire2017 account because Shelby will be in attendance.

For more information about Shelby Zavala….

Her website: Longmont, Colorado Family Photographer

Facebook: Third Avenue Image

Instagram: @Third_Avenue_Image

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