Written with love, by Tracy Manning

Today on PhotographerHack, we feature the talented Alyssa Ahern. Aly is a photographer, course creator, a wife, a sister, and a momma to a sweet boy and a sweet girl. Some of her hobbies include playing the flute, the piano, cooking, and blogging.

Aly has always loved looking at old family pictures and realizes their importance in telling the narrative of family. Her goal, as a photographer, is to capture these everyday moments so that they might not slip from memory. Growing up, it seems she always had a camera with her and she received her first DSLR as a graduation gift from her dad. A few years later, inspired by her brother-in-law, she finally took the leap and signed up for her first photography class…How to Master Manual Exposure through Click Photoschool. It was this class that really allowed her love for photography to flourish. 

Aly Dawn Photographer

Light is always the inspiration behind the click for Aly.  Although she loves natural light, she is motivated to make any light work and experiments with all types of light. She thinks of it as a fun challenge that really pushes her photography forward. She captures the beauty in ordinary things, whether her subjects are people, places, or things she focuses her lens on the wonderful moments she sees and cherishes. Her work spans the genres of macro and lifestyle always preferring natural light and dark, moody images. She loves the depth of shadows and genuine, honest pictures, especially those that are unposed and candid. Now that she has children they are often the reason for her photography work. She loves to make the simple moments of their childhood look beautiful. 

Aly’s Influences & Inspirations

Aly has taken a few courses, but one course that really shifted her thinking was The Art of Lifestyle Photography by Elena S. Blair. This course sparked a love for lifestyle newborn sessions. She also credits this course with helping her achieve the genuine lifestyle images that make her heart sing. 

Meg Loeks of @meg_nlo has always been a favorite photographer. She sees Meg’s style as absolutely breathtaking and her images always speak to Aly’s heart.

Project 365 & P52

Another famous artist, that she loves, is H. H. Bennett – he helped make the camera we use today. She finds his images, of the daily life on the Wisconsin River, to be stunningly genuine and beautiful. 

Aly has a great take on being influenced by the sea of voices out there. 

“Never forget to be you. When learning from other photographers, it’s ok to take bits and pieces of their advice, but never copy them. If they give you a preset, use it, but tweak it to fit you and your personality. Stay true to your style and you will always love the images you produce.”

Aly’s Gear and Tools

Aly has a love relationship with Nikon. Her Nikon D610 feels like an extension of herself, it does everything she needs it to do and does it beautifully. Her hands down FAVORITE lens is her Sigma 24 mm f/1.4 ART lens – shooting mainly indoors, this lens is perfect. She is slowly starting to love her Sigma 85 mm f/1.4 ART and uses that outside 95% of the time. She also has Nikon 50 mm f/1.8 and Nikon 105 mm Micro f/2.8 but they are both getting dusty! Other things she always has in her bag: two SD cards, lens pen, cleaning wipes, and an air blower for those annoying sensor spots. For her self portrait work, she has a “very cheap” tripod that gets the job done!

Where to Find Aly

Want to see Aly’s work? Check out her beautiful work here:


Aly Dawn Photography


Main Account: 


Aly has created two hubs: 

@simplymothers filled with gorgeous and inspiring images of motherhood 

@simplyfathers featuring beautiful images of fatherhood!

Available Courses

Aly has recently self-published her course on ClickHappyMom.com.

How to Capture Your Everyday Life and Create Art is a “go at your own pace” course and is available for immediate enrollment on her website.

What’s included:

    • Simple compositions to use everyday
    • 173 Page PDF detailing how I capture my everyday life
    • How to use and see the light
    • 5 Creative Exercises to help you capture your everyday
    • 5+ Editing videos
    • Tips on taking Self-Portraits featuring your everyday
    • And MORE!