We are thrilled to introduce to you another member of our HubHack family – the amazing Laura Beth Davidson.  Laura Beth is a documentary photographer and mother of four who loves capturing life’s little moments for her own family and for others.  She loves including beautiful light, funny gestures, and subtle details that tell a big story in her work. This sweet tea-loving, blue jean-wearing mama has a fabulous breakout coming out with ClickinMoms that you don’t want to miss!!  But more on that in just a bit…

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Laura Beth has always been a creative at heart.  Prior to a (pre-kid) trip to France with her husband, Laura Beth bought a brand-new, fancy Canon Rebel DSLR camera.  However, she was so intimidated by it, she ended up leaving it at home. From there, her story sounds like so many of ours…less than a year later, her first daughter was born, and along with it came a desire to figure out how to take better photos of her.  She joined ClickinMoms, took a few introductory classes, practiced shooting alllll the time, and now, here she is preparing to teach her first course.

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Inside her Ketti School girl camera bag (no longer available, boo!)  (or whoever bag she happens to be carrying that day), you will find her Fuji X-T2, Fuji 16-55mm, Fuji 16mm, Rokinon 8mm fisheye, Helios 58mm, and her iPhone X.  She loves her Hiptipico embroidered camera strap (and good news for you – she will be giving one of these away during her breakout!!) She also loves the FujiFilm remote app on her iPhone X. That app makes it so easy for her to get in the frame!

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Laura Beth’s photography style is practical in that she loves to capture her world just as it is, but she likes to infuse humor, wit, and universal truth into her work as well.  She is inspired by her family and by strangers, by symmetry and by chaos, by big feelings and by small gestures, by beautiful light and by interesting shadows, by architecture and by nature, by timeless themes and by fleeting moments.

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Lauren Mitchell (@lauren_m_mitchell) has always been a huge influence on how Laura Beth sees the world around her.  She also loves everything by Rowena Meadows (@dayinyourlifeproject).

Other favorites include: Linsey Davis (@linseydavis05), Karyn Novakowski (@kinandkid), Karen Osdieck (@karenosdieckphotographer), Margaret Albaugh (@malbaugh), and Felicia Chang (@feliciachangphoto).

In fact, Felicia Chang’s breakout “Documenting the Unapologetic Life” really opened Laura Beth’s eyes to documentary photography and solidified her urge to make this her style.

She also really enjoyed “The Documentary Approach” workshop by Lauren Mitchell/Felicia Chang/Jessica Thomason/Heather Whitten as well as Lauren Mitchell’s workshop “The Full Frame.”  (I believe both of these workshops have been retired.)

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Laura Beth’s breakout “Magic in the Mundane: Your Life, Documented Beautifully” will be in its live run from March 5-19, 2019.  Don’t miss out as Laura Beth teaches how to see the world differently and appreciate the light, composition and stories in your everyday.  She will assist you in acquiring the skills necessary to turn what you see into beautiful photographs that become a visual representation of your story.

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When Laura Beth isn’t shooting her daily life, you can find her reading a good book, listening to podcasts, or correcting other people’s grammar.:)  You can find more of Laura Beth’s beautiful photography work on her website (http://www.laurabethdavidson.com) or on Instagram at @laurabeth.davidson.

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Laura Beth Davidson

Laura Beth Davidson

Documentary-style Photographer in Johnson City, TN

I am passionate about capturing life’s little moments for my own family and for others. I look for beautiful light, funny gestures, and subtle details that tell a big story. She’s a fan of sweet tea, naps, and a good pair of jeans, and she absolutely cannot dance.  

Check out her online photography course, “Magic in the Mundane: Your Life, Documented Beautifully.”