batch post to instagram

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about ways to save time by time blocking, and for Instagram, that means creating a batch of posts ahead of time.  But how do you do that?

There are a ton of apps out there that will do this for you… Kinda.  It is against Instagram’s Terms of Service to allow any external posting – basically from anything other than your phone.  You can’t post with a regular computer or through third-party apps.  What these apps do is enable you to put your posts together (some even on the computer if that’s easier for you) and then they’ll remind you, through a notification on your phone, that it’s time to post.  This way, you’ll never be without content to post at peak engagement times.

Here’s a list of a few popular ones out there:

Later       Plans at $0 – $19 per month

Buffer      Plans at $0 – $10 per month

Plann       Plans at $9 – $12 (one time, in app purchases)

HootSuite    Plans from $0 – $20 per month

Schedugram    Starting at $20 per month

Grum     Starting at $10 per month

Planoly        Plans at $0 – $15 per month

AgoraPulse    Plans start at $49 per month

OnlyPult   Plans start at $12 per month

Crowdfire   It’s an app from $0 – $20 in-app purchases

Postso   Plans starting at $15 per month

Autogrammer   Starting at $19 per month

Hopper    Starting at $19 per month

Wait – hold the phone!  Why not just use the Instagram app itself to manage your posts?

That’s what I do!  I use the Save Drafts Feature that came out around Fall 2016.  It’s super easy and everything is in one place.  And it’s free.  And I already have the app and don’t need another one to take up space on my phone.

Want to schedule and batch your Instagram posts? Here’s how…for free.  Watch the video below for a demo.


Thank you for watching!

And hey – nothing against those Instagram scheduling programs and apps listed above.  Many of them have some great features and functionality, for sure.  I especially love what I’ve seen from Christy LadyLaurence, the creator of Plann.  It allows you to plan your posts in a visually beautiful way.

For a small business owner, I totally see the value in that.  But I think for us busy momtogs, slugging away at our 365 Project – we’re just posting as we edit, or at least getting in our one post per day.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions at all, or if you use one of those programs.  What’s your favorite feature?  Would you recommend one over another, and why?

Hey – on a totally different subject, my girl Morgan has an awesome freebie for you, her Sky Painter Actions.  I have several of her sky overlays and actions and definitely recommend them!  Check out more here….

sky overlay in photoshop