Hey ladies!

I had a great conversation with some of you about how I do my blog circle round-up posts.  So, I decided to screen record exactly what I do to help you guys, and these are tricks that YOU can (and should) use in your own posts to increase traffic to your website, and ultimately get more inquiries and more paying clients.

The video is just over an hour long (yikes!) There is a lot of my commentary (sorry) but I think it’ll help get you thinking about what your clients experience when they go to your website.  I’ll show you how to SEO up your images, use anchor text, how to use titles and permalinks…  I also will show you the top ranked site for certain keywords and we’ll pick apart what she’s doing to rank #1 in Google – these are things you CAN do!  SEO isn’t hard – it isn’t time-consuming.  It’s about knowing what Google wants and getting into the habit of doing THAT.

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