Self-Portrait Hashtags Plus Motherhood & Fatherhood

Tips for hashtagging self-portraits (and moms + dads)

This is pretty straight-forward, but here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re going to post a self-portrait.

First, consider the other elements of the image:

Does color play a big supporting role?  Is the image in B&W?

Is it JUST you or are your kids, sig-other, friends, etc in the image too?  Is it faceless?

Did you use any creative techniques, like freelensing, a slow shutter, are you silhouetted, etc?

Is light a big part of the image?

Is this an environmental shot – a wide angle shot where the location is important? Or is it a close-up/headshot?  If location is important, should you use location-based hashtags?


For inspiration, I highly recommend joining the p52Radness Facebook group, which you can find by searching: “P52 GET IN THE FRAME // (this one not the other)”

(I know, I wish Adri would update the name!!)  They also do monthly themes, so look for those on the monthly hashtag list.  If you do an SP using that theme, you can use the #p52radness tag AND the theme tag, such as #shoutycolor or #definingdarkness.  Adri will sometimes feature these on @dearphotographer.

There are a couple family/kids hubs that have ongoing SP tags you can use, like @camera_mama’s #getin52 and @thecameraclique’s #t_c_c_ThisIsMe.

A lot of hubs have “moms” hashtags – these can be used for client work, photos of mamas, but if you’re a mom, then go ahead and use ’em! Especially if your kid or kids are in the image with you.  Use #jjitskids_moms, #spomh (self-portraits of motherhood), #b1withmoms, #memoirsofmotherhood, #ig_motherhood, etc.

Some hubs will only feature SP’s with only you – nobody else in the frame.  Keep this in mind and this includes #_a_beautiful_you

I found a hub that features pretty unusual, fine art self-portraits – this is for the really weird, creative ones!  #selfportrait_society

#TheEchoesInsides is another one that features really unusual, creative ones but also a few more traditional portraits too.

And there’s another little section in there with some motherhood-related hub tags.  Sometimes, these hubs also feature kids-only pictures, but I think your best bet is a self-portrait, or SP with your littles.

You can copy/paste this list below:


#p52radness #getin52 #t_c_c_thisisme

#jjitskids_moms   #spomh #simplymothers


#ig_motherhood  #memoirsofmotherhood #realmotherhoodseries #pho_mom_grapher
#beyond_motherhood  #motherhoodunhinged  #sharetheeverymom

#_a_beautiful_you #theechoesinside #selfportrait_society


Use these tags for images with Dads in the frame or a self-portrait if you’re one of my HubHacking Dads.

#camerapapa #b1withdads



Hubs that haven’t featured in awhile:

#motherhoodthroughig #motherhoodsimplified

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