For today’s HubHack Member Spotlight, we are excited to share with you the truly inspirational Susan Grimes.

Susan is a compositional wizard and infuses such creativity into her work. She is a passionate photographer whose work is not only technically beautiful, but extremely creative as well.

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She enjoys using her photography to tell the stories of her everyday adventures with her families, and her images have become a gratitude journal of all the moments she now stops to notice.

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Susan has even conquered three 365 projects, which is no small feat! She describes her photography style as “lifestyle storytelling.” Her passion for photography and composition has led her to a new love – teaching these concepts with the rest of us!


So, how did this passion for photography begin for Susan? She began to develop a love for photography when she and her family moved to England for a 3-year stay in 2012. Exploring and adventuring as a family became a new normal for them as they knew their time in this beautiful part of the world was limited. One year into their time in England, Susan’s camera broke. It was then that she got a new camera, found ClickinMoms, and started devouring all of the photography education she could! It was a great time for her to learn because there was a lot for her to capture, but also, she found herself needing something for herself as she missed her friends and family back in the States.

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Now, they are back in the USA and photography is still a huge part of their family adventures. She uses photography as a motivation to get out and explore and even just capture their beautiful every day in their own back yard. She enjoys continuing to challenge herself to capture their lives and improve her skills every day.

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Susan shoots with a Nikon D750. Her bag includes a Sigma Art 35mm/1.4, Nikon 85mm/1.4, and her new favorite lens – a Sigma Art 20mm/1.4. She also has a GoPro with a dome for times when they adventure to the lake or ocean.

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Susan draws inspiration from all of the little stories in her daily life – her children, their small but monumental moments, their little adventures in the backyard or at the park, beautiful light, dramatic skies, colorful sunsets, etc. She enjoys the challenge of making images more powerful with light, story, and composition.

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Some of her favorite artists include Nicole Houser (@nicolekristinphoto), Julia Crim (@julia_crim), and Maggie Fuller (@maggiefullerphotograhy). One of the courses that has had a big impact on her work was Composition and Creativity with Sarah Wilkerson.

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Susan recently had a successful live run of her breakout through ClickinMoms called “Little Adventures, Big Pictures” which is still available for purchase in the Click Photo School Store. This breakout includes 7 editing videos, 6 shooting videos, 5 presets, and a beautiful, image-rich PDF which will inspire photographers of any skill level. This breakout teaches students how to create opportunities for family time while also setting up moments to capture beautiful images along the way. You will learn how to effectively use any type of light, improve compositional techniques, inspire moments, and then put it all together with editing to make the photos more compelling.

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In addition to her breakout, on May 20th, Susan is starting another run of her workshop through ClickinMoms called Foundations of Composition. Foundations of Composition is a 4-week online workshop on how to use compositional elements to create visually interesting and compelling images. In this workshop, students will learn how to use color, perspective, lines, framing, shapes, reflections, layering, negative space, depth, and creative perspectives in their photography. This workshop has IT ALL!

Students will also learn how to make their subjects “pop” in their images as well as how to use visual flow and choose the right lenses to improve their storytelling. The workshop includes PDFs, videos, a supportive forum environment to learn and ask questions, amazing course alumni to provide assistance and feedback, and weekly assignments with valuable critiques from seasoned pros.

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When Susan isn’t busy teaching us all how to take beautiful pictures of our family adventures, she enjoys spending time with her own family. Susan lives in North Carolina with her husband and three children when they enjoy the warm, sunny days. She enjoys traveling and reading in her spare time as well. You can see more of Susan’s work over on Instagram at @susan.grimes. She’s also the founder of a hub on Instagram named after her breakout “Little Adventures, Big Pictures”, and she’d love to share some of YOUR images as well, so start tagging if you aren’t already! In addition, if you want to take your photography work to the next level in terms of composition and creativity, consider joining Susan in her Foundations of Composition workshop starting next week!

(If you miss this run, be sure to check back to the Click Photo School site and follow Susan on Instagram.  She typically teaches this class a couple times a year.)

Susan Grimes

Susan Grimes

Photographer in North Carolina

Susan Grimes is a mom of three who turned her years at home with her children into a time of discovery, adventures and joys, all skillfully captured in her daily photos. Enjoying the challenge to make images more powerful with light, story, and composition, Susan can be found with her children walking through the woods in the early morning, searching for treasures amid a creek mid-day, or climbing through a jungle gym at sunset. With so many sunny days, Susan happily lives in North Carolina with her husband and her little ones.

Jamie Eilts

Jamie Eilts

Featured Photographer Blog Editor

Jamie Eilts is mom of 3 (with one on the way!) and photographer in Central Illinois.  “Drone Pilot” is just one of the many hats this multi-talented lady wears.  In addition to her own photography, Jamie is one of our PhotographerHack blog editors and has written this piece about Susan.  Jamie is also teaching at Click Photo School, so be sure to check out her breakout, “These are the Days: Creatively Capturing the Magic of Childhood” which will be live in late May 2019 and available in the Click Store afterward.