How to Create a Photo from a Video in Lightroom & a Tour of my Lr gallery using the Olympus TG4 Underwater Camera

I’ve had so much fun with this little underwater point & shoot camera this summer.  You can see my full review and tips for using it here: Olympus TG4 Underwater Camera Review. In that article, I mentioned a great little trick for getting the perfect shot, without ever having to worry about when to press[…]

The Olympus TG4 Underwater Camera – A Momtog’s Review

Thanks for stopping by!  In this article, I’m going to tell you a little about my experience using the Olympus TG4, a “tough” camera that takes fantastic underwater shots and is easy enough to use, you can hand it off to a 5 year old.  (That puts it at the top of my list for[…]