December 12, 2016

Thank you! Here is a link to access your Free Bokeh Overlays

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You can click on the link below to access the Dropbox folder with your bokeh overlays.  These are DNG files – they have not been edited or compressed at all.  You can feel free to edit them as you wish.


Tutorial:  How to add a Bokeh Overlay in Photoshop

Watch the video below for some cool tricks and shortcuts!  But if you’re short on time, here’s how to do it:

  1.  To place your overlay, you can go to File – Place Embedded.  Your Finder (on a mac) window will pop up for you to choose your image.  You can navigate to the folder where you keep your overlays and select it.  OR – you can just open your Finder window and drag & drop the image you want.
  2. Since these are DNG files, Adobe Camera Raw will open up.  You can edit the overlay as you wish, or simply click ok to add the overlay in Photoshop.
  3. From here, your overlay is in Transform mode.  You can move it around, you can pull on the edges or corners.  (Hold down shift while pulling to avoid warping.)  You can also flip or rotate your overlay to look the way you’d like.
  4. You can add additional overlays.  You can even duplicate your overlay layer and move it around too, as I did in the video.
  5. If you have bokeh over your subjects and want to remove it, simply add a mask.  You can add a white mask and use a black brush to remove the bokeh.  Or, if there’s a big chunk you want to remove, you can add a black mask (hold down Alt/Option on a mac and then click to add a mask) and use a white brush to add the bokeh effect.

Any questions?  Let me know, happy to help!  You can comment on the picture in Instagram or send me a DM at any time.